Alert Subscriptions

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Often it is important to be alerted if a Performance Measure drops below a certain value. The application has an alerting provision not only for Performance Measures but for scores associated with Objectives, Themes and Perspectives. Users can choose to be notified when a metric value falls below a specified value, when a score reaches a particular limit, or when a comment is added to a scorecard object. Administrators can send instant alerts, letting users or groups know about important events.

Alerts go to the Alerts inbox and are e-mailed to the person who has defined the alert.

To set an alert, go to the object that you are interested in, for example a Performance Measure, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the button ‘Create New Alert Subscription’. A drop-down menu will appear asking you to select one of the following:

  • Score Changed
  • Performance Value Changed
  • Notes Added

Click on ‘Performance Value Changed’ and the following dialogue box will appear:

Alerts - Performance Value Changed

Put an appropriate value in the box marked ‘Send an alert when Performance Measure is’ and click Save. Your alert will be saved and you will see it appear in the ‘My Alert Subscriptions’ section of the Performance Measure page.

All of your Alerts Subscriptions are collected and can be viewed in the Alerts module. Go to the main menu drop-down and select Alerts. By default you will be taken to your Alerts Inbox. At this time there will be no Alerts in the inbox.

Select ‘My Alert Subscriptions’ and you will see all of the Alert Subscriptions you have defined. You will also see a ‘Preference’ panel where you can select exactly when you would like to receive your Alerts.

In the panel below the preferences panel you can either edit or delete you current Alert Subscriptions. You also have the option to send an Instant alert to anyone who is defined to the system.

The Alerts Management screen looks like this:

Alerts - Management

End of Alert Subscriptions