My Bookmarks and Welcome

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When you log in to the application, you have the option to start at ‘Getting Started’ or ‘My Bookmarks’. You can reach both of these modules from the main menu drop-down which can be found at the top left of the screen. The default is the ‘Getting Started’ screen, but at some point you will check the box in Getting Started to say you want to start with the My Bookmarks Screen. The My Bookmarks screen looks like this:

My Bookmarks - Entry

The first thing you will notice is that apart from ‘Welcome Screen’ this view is devoid of bookmarks!

The reason we have left this guide to later on in set of Quick Start guides is because without any content in the application there is nothing to bookmark. To bookmark any page in the application you simply go to the page and hit the ‘Send To’ button (towards the top right of the page) and select My Bookmarks. The page will then automatically appear in the list above. For example, bookmarking a Strategy Map would look like this:

My Bookmarks - Strategy Map

Notice the cursor is on My Bookmarks in the drop-down list under the Send To button. You will be notified that the action was successful by a message appearing in the top right of the screen.

Go to several other pages and add some more bookmarks. You can bookmark any screen in the application. The result might be a list like this:

My Bookmarks - List

You can then click on the Bookmark for quick and easy access to that object.

The Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen is a special bookmark. This is the normal entry screen once a system has been established. There are some important features associated to the Welcome Screen, they are:

  • Administrator Message – This is a broadcast message that is set up by the Application Administrator. It can be changed frequently or set to be a static welcome message.
  • My Actions – If you have been nominated as the owner of an Initiative or a Task and there is a due date associated with that task, a summary of the details will appear here. You can click on the summary and be taken to the details.
  • Performance Measures I Own – If you have been nominated as the ‘Owner’ of a Performance Measure, that measure will appear in a list here. You can click on the measure to be taken directly to it. So you don’t need to Bookmark your own Performance Measures.
  • Performance Measure I Update – There are two options here, the first to manually update the Performance Measures you have been nominated to update (see below) and the second to import an update.

Important Note: The import Performance Measures option is an advanced function; please do not try this unless you have been set up by a system administrator to do so.

Manually updating Performance Measure from the Welcome Screen

If you have been defined as the ‘Updater’ for a number of Performance measures, you can go directly to each performance measure in turn by selecting ‘Balanced Scorecard’ from the main menu and navigating to the measure. OR – You can click on ‘Update My Performance Measures’ from the Welcome Screen and the application will collect all of your Performance Measures in a single place and allow you to update them in one go.

This is a very powerful function especially if you are the updater for several measures that are distributed across a large scorecard base. A typical multiple update screen looks like this:

Metrics M - Welcome Metric Updates

The final item in the Welcome Screen will only appear if you have been give permissions to update your password, it is the My settings option.