Displaying Tasks as Metrics

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Displaying Initiatives, Tasks or Milestones as Metrics

Sometimes there is a need to display in a scorecard the progress of an Initiative, Task or Milestone. This is not usually done, but it does offer the opportunity to keep everything in plain view rather than having to switch from Scorecards to Initiatives to check progress and then back to scorecards to continue a review.

A Calculated Metric (see Calculated Metrics if you are not familiar with this function), can reference many different values attributed to an Initiative/Task/Milestone. When setting the Calculated Metric equation field the following formula is used to reference Initiative, Task or Milestone values:


For [ID], substitute in the Initiative, Task or Milestone ID value.  This is found on the Initiative, Task or Milestone > Overview screen in the top left corner.

Displaying Tasks as Initiatives

For [Acronym], substitute in the appropriate acronym as found in the list below:

  • BSTD – Budget Spent to Date
  • BR – Budget Remaining
  • TB – Total Budget
  • PTB – Projected Total Budget
  • PBV – Projected Budget Variance
  • PBVP – Projected Budget Variance Percentage
  • PC – Percent Complete
  • PTE – % Time Elapsed
  • PSV – Projected Schedule Variance


An example might be: I(TB,1001) where “TB” is the acronym for Total Budget and 1001 is the Action Plan’s ID value


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