Navigation and Menus

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Primary Navigation: To navigate around the system use the main navigation drop-down menu which can be found on the top-left of the screen. All of the main modules can be found here:

Navigation - Main Menu


Secondary Navigation: Some of the menu items have sub-menus, for example Balanced Scorecards. These can be used to look at the data in different ways, analyse metrics and refer to related tasks items and notes:

Navigation - Sub Menu

The default view for the sub-menu is ‘Overview’ which provides an overview and detail of the item you are looking at as well as the opportunity to add metric data, create notes, add related items and view historical information.

Experiment with the other views to see how you can look at the data within the system, assuming you have added data to the system. If you have not, the take a look at our Live Preview which can be found here: QuickScore Preview.


Date Menu: To the right of the main menu and sub-menu you will find the Date menu (available in most views). Data can be viewed according to the calendars set during set-up. The default calendars are Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. You can set up any date structure you wish. (to see how, go to the Administration > Calendars section of this tutorial). Once set, you can view using your calendar as shown below:

Navigation - Date Menu


Additional Menus: to the top right of the screen you will notice there are three further menu items. The Alerts notice which will tell you how many alerts you have and take you directly to the alerts inbox. The Search box which allows you to search the entire system using any search string and the log-off button allowing you to log out of the system:

Navigation - Additional Menus


End of Navigation and Menus