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User Name: Sam
Password: Smith

What happens when click the link?

When you click on the link to the left, you will be taken to a free public demonstration system. At the login screen enter the user name sam and password smith. Use the walk through notes below to help navigate around the system.  


We hope you enjoy exploring our free-to-view systems. If you want to delve deeper, then why not try a QuickScore or a Scoreboard free trial?

Software Previews – Walk Through

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My Bookmarks

On entry to the Preview you will be in the My Bookmarks section and presented with the Welcome Screen. On the left are a set of Bookmarks. On the right some content. Click on any of the bookmarks and you will see the content that has been previously bookmarked appear. Any page within the system can be bookmarked. To navigate to any of the sections below, go to the top left of the screen and click on the words ‘My Bookmarks’, this is the main navigation drop-down menu. Click on the word ‘Dashboards’.


You have now entered the ‘Dashboards’ section. Notice that the left hand pane shows an organisation structure. There are several blue and grey dots with labels that name parts of an organisation. In this case, Intrafocus. A blue dot indicates content is available. A grey dot that there is no content available. Click on the Intrafocus blue dot and you will see several dashboard labels appear in the right hand pane. Click on any one. The labels move to the navigation pane and the content appears on the right. To get back to the organisation structure, at the top left you will see that ‘Intrafocus’ has appeared just below the main drop-down menu. Click on ‘Intrafocus’ and the organisation structure will appear again. Click on ‘Dashboards’ for the main drop-down menu and then click on ‘Balanced Scorecards’ for QuickScore or ‘Scorecards’ for Scoreboard.

Balanced Scorecards or Scorecards

The powerhouse of the QuickScore and Scoreboard systems. This section provides the means to create a scorecard and metrics for anything you want to measure. You will notice that all of the dots have turned blue indicating there are scorecards for every part of the organisation. In the left hand pane click on ‘Intrafocus’ and in the right hand pane click on ‘Intrafocus HQ Scorecard’. You should see a scorecard overview. You may have noticed that the top level drop-down navigation (which should say ‘Balanced Scorecard’ or ‘Scorecard’) has a sub-menu drop-down navigation list to its right. Check that the sub-menu says ‘Overview’ at this point. In the right hand pane are the following panels:

  • Detail – brief details of the scorecard and named owners;
  • This Periods Performance – a gauge with this month’s score;
  • Historical Performance – a line graph showing historical data and actual scores;
  • Data Used in Calculations – description and links to the data that has been used to create the scorecard;
  • Related Items – Any item in the system that has been linked to as a related item.
  • Notes – Any notes related to this item (it only appears if there are notes).

Go to the top left sub-menu drop-down and click on ‘Executive View’. This is a very powerful function that allows a user to drill down through scorecards, perspectives, performance areas, objectives and finally to specific metrics. This means users can rapidly go from a company overview to detailed information to identify root causes of problems. Spend some time clicking on the other sub-menu items i.e. Navigation, Performance Measure Report, Notes, Analysis, Tasks, Related Items to see what other information is available in the QuickScore Preview system.

If you have lost your way in the Preview then do the following to get back to a home position: Make sure the top-left menu drop-down says ‘Balanced Scorecards’ if you are in QuickScore or ‘Scorecards’ if you are in Scoreboard. Make sure the sub-menu drop-down says ‘Overview’. Click on the blue dot organisation (just below the navigation menu drop-down) to bring up the blue dot structure in the left hand pane. Click on the topmost item of the tree i.e. Intrafocus, to get back to the beginning. Once you know how to get to a start position, try experimenting yourself by clicking on other parts of the organisation and exploring the data. All parts of the organisation have scorecard data, some have dashboards, briefing books, documents and initiatives. Use the ‘If you have lost your way’ instructions above to get back to the start point.

Strategic Initiatives or Actions

Sometimes it is important to have specific tasks associated with objectives or measures and often project management products such as Microsoft Project are overkill for this activity. This is where the ‘Strategic Initiative’ in QuickScore and the ‘Action’ function in Scoreboard comes into its own. In the main drop-down menu click on ‘Strategic Initiatives’ (or ‘Actions’). You will notice that only Marketing and Human Resources have data at the moment. Click on ‘Marketing’. In the right hand pane click on ‘Position 1 in Google Search’. Provided the Strategic Initiative (or ‘Action’) sub-menu drop-down is on ‘Gantt Chart’ you should see a small project plan with tasks and milestones to achieve the task of reaching Position 1 in Google. In the top-left sub-menu click on ‘Related Items’ you will see that this initiative is related to two items: the ‘Position 1 in Google…’ metric and the ‘Intrafocus Scorecard’. In the right hand pane click on the ‘Position 1 in Google…’ link, it will take you directly to the metric that is associated with this activity.


In the top left drop-down menu click on ‘Reports’. Click on ‘Intrafocus’ at the top of the tree. In the right hand pane you will see a number of saved reports, click on them in turn to take a look. Choose another part of the organisation and look at some other saved reports. As a ‘Viewer’ you can only look at reports. As an Updater or Administrator you can create all sorts of reports very quickly. Once generated, the report can be exported to print or e-mail or several document formats including PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF.


In the top left drop-down menu click on ‘Documents’. There are a few documents stored in the ‘Intrafocus’ part of the organisation. Documents allows you to store documents related to parts of the organisation and to link to them from Perspectives, Objectives and Metrics. For example if you go to Balanced Scorecards > Intrafocus HQ Scorecard >Internal Processes and scroll down to the bottom of the Internal Processes pane, you will see in ‘Related Items’ that there is a link to the User Guide document

Functions available to Administration and Communication users

There are several functions that are available to ‘Communication’ users that you cannot see as a ‘Viewer’ (see Pricing for details)

Metrics – Metrics in the system owned by an individual can be updated with actual values (and threshold values if permission is given)

Export – Export any page or set of pages to PowerPoint, Word, PDF and Excel

Briefing Books – In the same way that pages can be exported, they can be selected and placed into a ‘Briefing Book’. Briefing books allow you to create both in-system presentations and off-line presentations using your favourite presentation tool. There is an option to export either a single screen or the ‘entire book’ i.e. the whole presentation. This can be very useful when presentations need to be sent to people who do not have access to the system.

Notes – Notes can be added to any object in the system. They can be period specific, that is only applying to the period they were written in or global, that is, visible of all time.

Personal Alerts – Alerts based on a variety of parameters can be set

Strategic Initiatives – can be created and updated

Reports – can be created and updated

Bookmarks can be created and deleted

Our 30 day free trial system provides full unrestricted Administrator access to these features and more.

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QuickScore Live Preview

(User name: sam, Password: smith)

Scoreboard Live Preview

(User name: sam, Password: smith)