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Balanced Scorecard Resources – Summaries of the above:

Developing meaningful KPIs – starts with Strategy, it does not start with KPIs. Most companies and organisations find it easy to generate business performance data. There is usually a report for everything.  And herein lays a problem.  Use our step-by-step guide to help you develop meaningful KPIs

Key Performance Indicators – Selecting the right Key Performance Indicators (Performance Measures) is a critical activity when creating a meaningful and useful Balanced Scorecard. This document list 100s of commonalty used KPIs across multiple industries.

The Balanced Scorecard -The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management method used to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organisation, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organisational performance against strategic goals.

Strategy Maps – In 2001 Kaplan and Norton published “The Strategy Focused Organisation” which introduced the Strategy Map as an integral part of the Balanced Scorecard performance management system thus transforming it into a strategic management system.

The Strategy Map can be presented in many forms however the overall structure has remained constant for years. These templates will help you get started.

Balanced Scorecard Technology -Balanced Scorecard Resources to provide an on-going, living framework that is communicated to the Organisation. The Balanced scorecard needs to be sustainable and easy to roll-out. Scorecards should leverage technology to provide automated links to measures, texts, and initiatives.

Lead and Lag Indicators -What is the difference between a ‘lead’ and a ‘lag’ indicator? When should they be used? Why are they important?

Data Visualisation – Over the past few years there have emerged a variety of Data Visualisation applications that can take large quantities of data from disparate sources and turn it into useful information displayed in a highly graphical form.

Balanced Scorecard Templates – These Balanced Scorecard Resources provide a presentational format has been refined over many years. This document provides a set of diagrams to help you get started.

Glossary of Terms – The definitive guide to all of the terms used in the above set of Balanced Scorecard Resources and more widely across the balanced scorecard and strategic planning processes and community.

Balanced Scorecard Surveys – Intrafocus has undertaken a Balanced scorecard survey every year for the past four years.  In 2014 and 2015, Intrafocus collaborated with 2GC to create a joint survey,