About Intrafocus

Intrafocus resells software designed to manage the strategic planning process and link strategic priorities to business objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs) and initiatives. the software is used by companies, large and small, across the world. The software can be easily integrated into any strategic planning process or added later as a management tool.

Intrafocus supplies QuickScore™ and Scoreboard™ to Europe, The Middle East and Africa. QuickScore and Scoreboard are registered trademarks of Spider Strategies®.

‘Spider Strategies’ is a TRADEMARK of Spider Strategies, Inc., registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Registration Numbers 5,484,143 and 5,484,146.”

Intrafocus is also a business performance management consultancy and software reseller. As an affiliate of the Balanced Scorecard Institute, Intrafocus runs strategic planning and balanced scorecard training classes. In-house strategy workshops are also provided for management teams to help them produce lasting strategies that can be successfully implemented.

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About Intrafocus