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Strategic Planning Process (SPP)

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Intrafocus is an EMEA authorised reseller of Spider Impact® from Spider Strategies®.

Spider Impact Video Guides

From getting started all the way through to integration to back-end systems. 

Spider Impact User Guides

A complete set of user guides. Everything you have ever wanted to know from A to Z.

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Use this application to guide you through creating your strategic plan – lots of examples to look at.

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Spider Impact® by Spider Strategies®

Video Guides


Follow the guides from Home Page to Build a Dashboard to get started. Then get into the detail and become a power user!

Free TrialUser Guides

Spider Impact is one of the world’s most popular scorecard and KPI management tools. It is easy to set up and easy to use. However, under the hood, there is a multitude of complex functions. Use these videos to help build your unique system.

Home Page

Many of the day-to-day operations such as updating measures and viewing tasks can be undertaken from the home page


You will want to explore. See how to navigate around the application. A quick guide to the major navigation features

Organise Your Data

How to build an organisation structure. Organisations are the ‘containers’ within which all your data resides

Create a Scorecard

You can build any type of scorecard in Quickscore. This includes financial, marketing, sales, anything you need

Build a Dashboard

Create dashboards easily to aggregate your data in to a meaningful displays to help drive your business

Notes in Dashboards

Notes can be created in scorecards and then used in dasbards, they can also be updated in dashboards

Simple Spreadsheet Import

Update your measure values by using a spreadsheet, sometimes a quick option if you have twelve or more measures

Importing Historical Data

How to import historical data from a spreadsheet. Sample Spreadsheet: Historical Data

Import for a Specific Date

Importing data for a specific date. Sample Spreadsheets: For a specific date, or for multiple dates, or Initiatives/Projects

Setting Alerts

How to set alerts for Scorecards, Themes, Objectives, Measures and Notes. An Alert will send an e-mail to the subscriber

Charts and Reports

If you want to view your data in row and column format and export to a speadsheet, then watch this video

Creating Initiatives and Tasks

How to create Initiatives, Tasks and Milestones and relate them to objects in a scorecard and use them in dashboards

Collating a Briefing

How to build a presentation pack (called a Briefing) and display it online or export it to a pdf, PowerPoint or Word document

Strategy Maps

A Strategy Maps is a special type of dashboard. It can be auto-generated in QuickScore to provide an at-a-glance view.

Spider Impact Video Guides

Administrative Functions

Add a User

There are three main users types in QuickScore:  Power Users, Communicators and Viewers.

Groups and Permissions

Users MUST be added to a Power User, Communication or Viewer group so that permissions can be applied

Shared Dashboards

Dashboards can be shared externally in any browser, rendered direct from QuickScore, not a picture or image

Both Spider Impact® and Spider Strategies® are registered trademarks of Spider Strategies, Inc.