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QuickScore is the ultimate in Key Performance Indicator (KPI) management. Its flexibility allows you to design and build any type of scorecard; financial, sales, marketing or operations. Its structure allows you to build standard models like the Balanced Scorecard. Whatever your requirement, QuickScore can help.


Do you have time to think about the future? Are there too many things demanding your attention? Don’t be fooled into thinking the future will take care of itself.

We can help you find some time by adopting a tried and tested strategic process that puts strategy back on the agenda. Ask us to run a strategy workshop for you. 



Using a scorecard to manage your strategy is one of the easiest things to do as part of your process. But have you really thought about how to do this properly?

Our process takes you through five simple steps that will enable you to organise your information. By creating a structure you can then report more effectively.


Professional Certification from the Balanced Scorecard Institute and the George
Washington University. For more information about how to book a Balanced Scorecard
Professional (BSP) course at your location, please click the button below. 



Our Balanced Scorecard Software is trusted by customers across the world

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Balanced Scorecard

What is the Balanced Scorecard? Read our definitive guide and look at a some examples. There is also a helpful video and some downloads that will kick-start you activities. The Balanced Scorecard has been around for a while, it is a proven and very successful strategic methodology. That’s why more than fifty percent of the worlds businesses and organisations use it. The Balanced Scorecard format is used in QuickScore so you can quickly and efficiently build your scorecards. 

QuickScore - Strategy Map

Scoreboard – KPI Management

If you are interested in Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Management rather than strategic management, then you should look at our KPI Software tool called Scoreboard. Scoreboard is exactly the same application as QuickScore but uses a more generic business language in its menu structures. For example, wherein QuickScore you might see the balanced scorecard term Performance Measure, in Scoreboard you will see the term KPI. With both QuickScore and Scoreboard you can create really useful KPI Dashboards

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INTRAFOCUS  /’ɪntrə-fəʊkəs/  on the inside; within + a state (or quality) of clear definition.

The name Intrafocus was not arrived at by accident. Our aim from the outset has been to look ‘inside’ the companies and organisations we work with. We help them ‘clearly define’ what their strategic objectives are and how to manage them effectively. Through strategic facilitation, training courses and the use of tried and tested software, we provide the expertise and tools to help you develop and implement your strategy.