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Easy to use scorecard and KPI management software

For Strategic Planning

The most critical part of strategic planning is the execution. QuickScore™ provides the framework to to link your company’s goal to strategic objectives, measures and projects. Your strategy will come alive and be managed more effectively. Read more

For Business Management

QuickScore™ is the ultimate KPI management tool. Above all, its flexibly allows you to design and build any type of scorecard; financial, sales, marketing, operations or commercial. You can build any model to suit your business needs. Read more

For Government and Defence

Government and Defence require the most reliable, most secure and most scalable systems in the world. QuickScore™ has a proven track record with government agencies which include the US Army who has scaled to over 28,000 users. Read more

QuickScore™ is trusted by customers across the world:

Intrafocus Customer - Sun Life Financial of Canada
Intrafocus Customer - Power Jacks
Intrafocus Customer - Telefonica O2
Intrafocus Customer - Biogen
Intrafocus Customer - Liverpool Airports
Intrafocus Customer - Just Retirement
Intrafocus Customer - Adecco
Intrafocus Customer - Gexcon
Intrafocus Customer - Sun Life Financial of Canada
Intrafocus Customer - Telefonica O2
Intrafocus Customer - Liverpool Airports
Intrafocus Customer - Adecco

QuickScore Support and Training

Quickscore is an intuitive application. You can be up and running within minutes and have a completed scorecard, dashboard and reports within an hour. Like any application, to get real benefit you will need some training. Intrafocus provides a comprehensive set of  video guides and a full set of user manuals. If you need more, we also provide two free one-hour online training sessions. If you really want to become a ninja master, then we can provide one-to-one or one-to-many training sessions at your premises.

Versatile dashboards ensure improved reporting and accountability

Dashboards like the one above can be created in minutes. All of the information you need to make decisions can be brought together in a single view. What’s more, the dashboard can be shared by generating a link, embedding it in a website or sending it to a wall mounted office screen or TV.

Other services from Intrafocus

Strategy Workshops

Are too many things demanding your attention? Don’t be fooled into thinking the future will take care of itself. We can help you find time by adopting a tried and tested strategic process. After that, strategy will be firmly back on your agenda.

Balanced Scorecard Training

Professional Certification from the Balanced Scorecard Institute and the George Washington University. For more information about how to book a Balanced Scorecard Professional (BSP) course at your location, please click the button below.

Scorecard Training

Using a scorecard to manage your strategy is easy. But have you really thought about the scorecard structure? Our method takes you through seven simple steps to organise your information and build a much more effective reporting process.

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