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Plan, execute and report on the progress of your strategy by using the Balanced Scorecard process and software. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and PowerPoints.


Balanced Scorecard Software

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Balanced Scorecard
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Creating and managing a strategy requires a rock-solid process. That is why we endorse the Balanced Scorecard methodology. It also requires the best software to automate and align your organisation. Software that allows you to record activities, allocate responsibilities, build key metrics and keep track of projects.

  • Visualise your objectives and key measures
  • Manage your projects
  • Align your teams and organisation

The Balanced Scorecard process and our partner’s strategy and KPI management software will allow you to create strategies that adapt, grow, and succeed.

Balanced Scorecard

From Our Founder

Demystifying Strategic Planning

Strategic planning does not have to be difficult. It is true that developing a new service or product requires some creativity, but that forms as little of 5% of the activity.

The remaining 95% is planning, documentation and implementation, and that is simply a process. Our online workbooks, presentations, courses and software provide the tools to manage that process.



Balanced Scorecard and KPI Software

Using spreadsheets and presentations to manage your strategy and key performance indicators is a non-starter in today’s competitive environment. Intrafocus can help you select the right package for your organisation

Spider Impact KPI Software

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We are strategic planning consultants. We can provide you with a tried and tested methodology and tools to define, build and execute your strategy. We do not claim to know your business. You are the experts, not us.

We will work with you to facilitate strategy workshops and align your people and processes to your goals and key performance indicators. Take advantage of decades of  experience by contacting Intrafocus today!

Strategic Plan Audit

Send us your plan. We will examine it and provide a full report on the content and potential improvements

Strategy Software

Intrafocus is the only European, Middle East and African authorised reseller of  Spider Impact

Balanced Scorecard

A five-day master class from which you will receive a certificate as a Balanced Scorecard Professional

Strategy Workshop

A three-session workshop using your material to create the first draft of your strategy

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