Dashboard and KPI Software

What should I expect from a KPI software solution?

1. Visualise

Build rich and stylish dashboards that provide context to your objectives, measures and projects

2. Manage

Create and manage scorecards easily, allocate responsibilities and track results efficiently

3. Align

Communicate everything effectively to ensure the people in your organisation are aligned

1. Visualise your Data

Looking at your data in a spreadsheet or in a presentation is a non-starter in today’s highly competitive environment. You need to have visualisations that allow you to instantly see trends and to aggregate data elements in meaningful ways. You need to have the right information to allow you to make decisions quickly. Spider Impact, our KPI software, provides all of this and more. From stylish dashboards all the way down to row and column data, the application can provide you with everything you need.

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Dashboards can be created using any of the data added to the system. This includes the metrics from your scorecards, graphs, strategy maps and images. The drag and drop interface means your dashboards can be created in minutes. And don’t forget – they will be updated automatically whenever you update your scorecards – so no more PowerPoint!

B2. Manage your Information

Creating stylish dashboards is great when you need to take an organisational or departmental view of your information. but at some point you will need to delve into the data. Our KPI software has a drill-down, drill-up and for that matter drill-sideways capability. Using the scorecard function you can structure you data in any way you want to. You can stick rigidly to a strategic methodology or you can modify and arrange your scorecard to suit the way you do things. Spider Impact gives you a framework that can be tailored to provide absolute clarity. You get what you need, at all times.

Balanced Scorecard Software

Not only do you get clear and concise information, you can link to any other part of the system in a heartbeat. a few clicks and you can associated an objective to an initiative and all of its supporting documentation.

3. Align your Organisation

Sending out e-mails, documents and presentations is not the way to gain alignment. Why struggle with antiquated communication systems when you can assign ownership to objectives, KPIs and tasks in a purpose built application. If you use a KPI software package like Spider Impact, all of this will be built in. You can assign both owners and updaters to all of your KPIs. You can set automatic reminders to ensure everything us updated on time. You can set alerts to be notified when things are not as they should be. All of your current tracking systems can be automated so you don’t have to waste time chasing people. 

Alerts - Balanced Scorecard Software

Receiving alerts from a system is a great way to keep on top of things. In Spider Impact you can set alerts for changes to key performance areas, objectives and KPIs. The alerts will be e-mailed to you and listed in the system until have taken action.

KPI Software – What else should I expect?


Stylish Dashboards

You should be able to build stylish dashboards that link objectives, KPIs and tasks. They should provide clarity and enable you to make quick decisions.


Easy to Build and Manage

The application should provide a framework that allows you to build a complete system in days not weeks. System management should be intuitive.


Import Data

Data import from any other system should be easy, point and click is ideal. Whether it is from a complex SQL CRM database or a simple spreadsheet.


Export Everything

Being paperless is great, but there will always be times when we need to export a dashboard or a full report. Multi-format export is an essential feature.


Instant Alerts

You don’t have time to go into the system every hour or every day. You need to be able to set alerts and make the system work for you.


Strategy Maps

If you are following a balanced scorecard process, the application should be able to auto-generate strategy maps and provide a drill-down to your scorecards.


Owner Accountability

We are used to assigning owners to tasks, but what about objectives and KPIs? Assigning ownership means people will be accountable and get things done.


Powerful Search

As your system grows it will become more difficult to find what you want. You should be able to tag objects and search with confidence.


Spreadsheets when Required

Dashboards and strategy maps are amazing, but sometimes you just want the raw data. You should be able to create spreadsheets when they are needed.


Mobile Enabled

A mobile-enabled application is no longer an optional extra! You need to be able to access your data wherever you are and at any time.


Nothing to Install

Why bother going to the trouble of installing and maintaining an application when the provider can do it for you. An installation is an option, not the norm.


Free Training

Free training should come as part of the package. If it doesn’t, demand that it does! any supplier will provide free training if you buy their system.

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KPI Software and Business Management

Spider Impact is aimed at businesses and organisations that want to record and manage their KPIs effectively. It is one of the world’s most acclaimed KPI Managers. It is easy for you to set up a Scorecard and not concern yourself with structure or terminology.

For most organisations, it is more important to consolidate their KPIs into a KPI dashboard or several KPI dashboards. A dashboard gives you the ability to select measures and display them together or build a comparison. KPI management requires users to look at many pieces of information to allow them to make sensible decisions. It is vital that any anomalies are investigated with reference to related measures and not looked at in isolation. This is where Spider Impact can add significant value.

Any KPI software is only as good as the KPIs and objectives that are added to the system. KPIs take many forms but are usually the high-level indicators that relate to overall health. They also tend to be related to a strategic outlook; something that the organisation is aspiring to achieve. Typical KPI examples in the financial function might be Revenue and Profit. In a Customer related function, they might be Sales Volume, Customer Satisfaction or Net Promoter Value. When associated with internal processes examples might be Order Fulfilment, Rework Level or Time to Market. When looking at people you might find Employee Satisfaction or Revenue Per Employee. There are many KPIs that are ‘standard’ for any organisation. For a good starting point read Bernard Marr’s book; Key Performance Indicators, The 75 measures every manager needs to know.

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