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KPI Management

Scoreboard is a world acclaimed KPI Software (Key Performance Indicator) management application. It provides a structured approach to building scorecards, dashboards, tasks and reports. Scoreboard turns your data into useful information ensuring you can make informed decisions about your future.

KPI Software

If you are involved in KPI reporting, then you need a tool like Scoreboard. Scoreboard can help you link your Goals to your Business Objectives, KPIs and Initiatives. It also has a powerful dashboard and report functionality.

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Create Stylish KPI Dashboards

KPI Dashboards can be created using any of the data you have added to the system. This includes the metrics from your scorecards, graphs, strategy maps and images. The drag and drop interface means your KPI dashboards can be created in minutes. And don’t forget – they will be updated automatically whenever you update your scorecards – KPI software means no more PowerPoint!

KPI Software - Scorecards

Build Scorecards Easily

Build your scorecards quickly and easily with our intuitive interface. You don’t have to worry about the structure, we will take care of that. All you have to do is get your data into the system.

We will even help you get started free of charge. Simply send us 10-30 metrics and we will build a small test system with a scorecard, dashboard and report so you can see your data in place.

Track Goals Over Time

All KPIs and business objectives can be tracked over time with Scoreboard. Years of data can be viewed easily. Older data can be archived at the touch of a button.

In addition, with Scoreboard, performance thresholds can be changed and tracked as well. Bear in mind business performance goals may not be the same today as they were yesterday.

KPI Software - Track Goals
Clarity of Purpose - KPI Software

KPI Software that gives you clarity of purpose 

All of the screens presented in Scoreboard have one thing in mind – to give you what you want, when you need it. This clarity of purpose is the main aim of Scoreboard. No distractions, just the information you need to run your business.

Spreadsheets - KPI Software

Spreadsheet Style Reports

If you prefer to work with numbers rather than dials and graphs, Scoreboard has a point-and-click report generator. You can build as many row and column reports as you like. These can be filtered to include or exclude all of the elements that make up your scorecard.

Powerful Search Facility

Free-form search will return all of the objects you are searching for. Objects can be tagged to enable group searches. You can get to the root of any problem by viewing underlying data, analysing metric trends, and reading other people’s comments.

Search - KPI Software
Alerts - KPI Software

Useful Alert Subscriptions

Stay informed with useful alert subscriptions. Formal reviews may only be held once a month or once a quarter, it is essential to be kept informed.

Set up alerts based on immediate triggers so you will never be surprised again. These can be scores going into the red, notes being added or actual values moving outside a defined threshold 

Nothing To Install

Scoreboard is a browser-based application, as a result there is no installation required. We take care of the servers, operating system and the application. We apply updates so you don’t have to worry. If you want to run Scoreboard in your own data centre, we can do that as well. We would be happy to provide you with the software.

Try our free view-only demonstration system right now, click on the image to the right and use the username sam and password smith.

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Mobile - KPI Software

Mobile Enabled

Scoreboard KPI software is fully mobile enabled and the application has been built using a responsive platform.

This means you can use all of the application features on whatever device you like from phone to tablet to laptop to desktop.

Free Online Training

Scoreboard is very intuitive as an application. However, we are very happy to provide one-hour free online training to get you started. If you prefer to do things yourself, there are over 25 guides for our KPI Software, from getting started to more complex integration and import. If you have a complex need, we can provide a full-day training session at your offices. For more information on Scoreboard training go to the Training pages. 

KPI Software and KPI Management

Scoreboard is aimed at businesses and organisations that want to record and manage their KPIs effectively. Scoreboard is one of the world’s most acclaimed KPI Managers. Scoreboard makes it easy for you to set up a Scorecard and not concern yourself with structure or terminology.

For most organisations, it is more important to consolidate their KPIs into a KPI dashboard or several KPI dashboards. A dashboard gives you the ability to select measures and display them together or build a comparison. KPI management requires users to look at many pieces of information to allow them to make sensible decisions. It is vital that any anomalies are investigated with reference to related measures and not looked at in isolation. This is where a system like Scoreboard can add significant value.

Any KPI dashboard software is only as good as the KPIs and objectives that are added to the system. KPIs take many forms but are usually the high-level indicators that relate to overall health. They also tend to be related to a strategic outlook; something that the organisation is aspiring to achieve. Typical KPI examples in the financial function might be Revenue and Profit. In a Customer related function, they might be Sales Volume, Customer Satisfaction or Net Promoter Value. When associated with internal processes examples might be Order Fulfilment, Rework Level or Time to Market. When looking at people you might find Employee Satisfaction or Revenue Per Employee. There are many KPIs that are ‘standard’ for any organisation. For a good starting point read Bernard Marr’s book; Key Performance Indicators, The 75 measures every manager needs to know.

If you would prefer to use a KPI or scorecard manager that uses the Balanced Scorecard methodology, then our Balanced Scorecard extension, QuickScore might be a better fit for you. QuickScore uses the balanced scorecard performance language. For example, where Scoreboard uses the term Key Performance Area, QuickScore would use the term Perspective to describe a group of objectives. Typically, in QuickScore you would also include Strategy Maps.

Whereas we believe the Balanced Scorecard methodology has great strengths, we recognise that many organisations have been grappling with strategy for decades and have created their own methodologies. These methodologies may provide a competitive advantage. Scoreboard is a neutral language business performance manager. Therefore you can concentrate on strategy rather than the tool.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

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