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Balanced Scorecard Workshop


The Balanced Scorecard is used by 50% of the best-known companies in the world. After 25 years of use, it is still the most reliable strategic methodology.


Balanced Scorecard & KPI Software

Balanced Scorecard Training

Intrafocus offeres a Balanced Scorecard workshop for six attendees or more at your location or at a training facility either in London or Winchester in the United Kingdom.  Contact us for more information. 

Venue information: If you would like us to run a Balanced Scorecard Professional course at your location, please let us know. Courses work best with a minimum of 6 delegates and a maximum of 24. If you would like us to organise a venue on your behalf, we can do that as well. Our instructors are happy to travel anywhere in the world.


Balanced Scorecard Training, 3 Days – Aimed at executives and managers who need to understand the principles of the Balanced Scorecard and how it works in practical terms. This workshop consists of three sessions over three consecutive days. The workshops take place every morning, lasting 5-6 hours, leaving the afternoon free to consolidate the exercises and get on with your daily job.


Balanced Scorecard and the SPP

The Intrafocus Strategic Planning Process is used as the framework for this workshop. The modules focus on each of the seven steps in turn. Small-group exercises are used for each step to reinforce teaching modules.  You are encouraged to share your organisation’s strategic planning material in the class.

This workshop is most effective when your strategic material is used. The final output will be an integrated strategy map and a first draft strategic plan.


Workshop Fee

The fee for a three-day Balanced Scorecard training workshop is £2,350 per delegate. The fee includes all tuition fees, an electronic course pack with documentation, worksheets, and incidental materials used in the workshops.

(Note: Training is not exempt from VAT in the United Kingdom; overseas attendees are not required to pay VAT.)


Workshop Content

  • Basic concepts of the balanced scorecard
  • How the balanced scorecard applies to different types of organisations
  • How to build and implement a balanced scorecard using the SPP
  • How to develop KPIs and targets
  • How to better inform decision-making through scorecard automation
  • How to cascade the scorecard to all levels of an organisation
  • How to revise poorly designed scorecard elements
  • How to overcome obstacles and real-world challenges
  • How to create projects based on goals and objectives


Our Instructors

Our Balanced Scorecard training professionals hold a Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP) certification. They have spent their careers helping large and medium-sized companies and not-for-profit organisations build effective strategies. They have a vast backlog of experience to draw upon and can provide real-world insight to their students.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is recommended for executives, managers, planners and analysts who are part of a balanced scorecard development team and are seeking the best practical ideas for improving organisational performance.


The Benefits of Attending

Participants will understand the fundamental concepts of the balanced scorecard and why it is gaining so much attention in corporate, non-profit, and governmental organisations.

Participants will learn a systematic, seven-step methodology for building and implementing the balanced scorecard based on the tried and tested Intrafocus Strategic Planning Process (SPP)

Participants will receive a balanced scorecard toolkit with worksheets for each step of the process and reference material.


Workshop Outline

Through balanced scorecard training and interactive small-group workshops, participants will apply balanced scorecard concepts to meet their organisation’s challenges. The workshop modules are as follows:

  1. Foundation: Define your identity by establishing core values, vision, and purpose to set a solid base for strategic planning.
  2. Assessment: Transform your vision into key strategic priorities using SWOT and gap analysis tools.
  3. Strategic Objectives: Segment your priorities into actionable tasks categorized as financial, customer-focused, internal processes, and organizational capacity.
  4. Measures: Utilize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gauge the success of your strategic objectives over time.
  5. Projects: Determine remedial actions and strategic projects to propel your strategy based on your vision and objectives.
  6. Communication: Plan your communication strategy early, ensuring all stakeholders understand and align with the strategic objectives.
  7. Automation: Incorporate your strategic plan into specialized software for effective implementation beyond spreadsheets and presentations.

Hands-On Exercises

This balanced scorecard workshop consists of the taught modules interspersed with exercises. Participants will be expected to engage in the exercises to help reinforce the teaching. The daily topics and exercises are as follows:


Day One

  • Balanced Scorecard Principles
  • Assessment
  • Critique of any Material provided
  • Exercise 1 – Enablers/Challenges
  • Picture of the Future
  • Developing a Shared Understanding
  • Exercise 2 – Purpose/Vision
  • Components of a Value Proposition
  • Exercise 3 – List components
  • What is a Strategic Theme?
  • Exercise 4 – Create Themes and Results


Day Two

  • Review Work to Date
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategic/Business Objectives
  • Perspectives
  • Strategy Map
  • Commentary
  • Exercise 1 – Creating Strategic Objectives
  • Exercise 2 – Combining the Maps
  • Intended Results Overview
  • Clarity in language ‘Weasel Words’
  • Exercise 3 – Write ‘Strategic Results’


Day Three

  • Review Work to Date
  • Revise Strategic Objectives
  • Exercise 1 – Agree Final Strategy Map
  • Consolidated Strategy Map
  • Results to Performance Measures
  • Meaningful Performance Measures
  • Exercise 2 – Create some Metrics
  • What are Strategic Initiatives?
  • Exercise 3a – Create initiatives
  • Exercise 3b – Prioritise Initiatives
  • Review Final Integrated Strategy Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this workshop open to the public?

No. We only run workshops for companies, government organisations and charities.

Is this a Strategic Planning workshop?

Yes. It is based upon the Balanced Scorecard strategic methodology and teaches the principles of that strategic planning process

Can the workshop be customised?

Yes. In fact for the most part, the exercises (and there are a lot of them) can be based on the strategic work done to date within an organisation. If there is no material available, we have pre-prepared case studies.

Who is the instructor?

All our instructors are highly experienced and qualified to teach this course. Most have both teaching and subject matter qualifications.

Where can the workshop be delivered?

This workshop can be delivered anywhere.  Our instructors are happy to travel to locations across the world.

What are the teaching elements?

The workshop is highly interactive and has multiple practical exercises. See above for details. The standard teaching elements are all reinforced by exercises and group discussions.

How many delegates can attend?

Due to the interactive nature of this course, a minimum of 6 delegates is required. We generally recommend no more than 24 delegates for a workshop.

Is the course cheaper with more delegates?

Yes. The standard pricing starts at 6 delegates and reduces when more delegates are added. We are happy to discuss volume pricing at any time.

How can I book a workshop?

Click on the “Request Information” button at the top of the page and fill in the form. You will be contacted for further information within 24 hours.

BSC Workshop

BSC Introduction 3-days
– at your location, or
– London or Winchester
– Price: £2,350 per delegate

Strategic Planning Process

Most organisations are good at writing strategies; very few are good at implementing and managing them. The Strategic Planning Process (SPP) is a tried and tested process based on the Balanced Scorecard methodology to define and implement a strategy.

Balanced Scorecard Training