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A three-session facilitated strategy workshop based on the balanced scorecard methodology. Ask us for information today.


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A Three-Session Strategy Workshop

Most organisations face a difficult challenge when developing a strategy. The CEO might have a pretty good idea of where to take a company, but the management team and the workforce are so busy with day-to-day activities that nothing seems to change. The problem is they are all experts in their field but not in strategic planning.

Intrafocus Strategic Planning Process

The seven-step strategic process based on the principles of the balanced scorecard

Using a Facilitator

Strategic planning is often viewed as a bit of a black-art or bolt-on activity and not a month-on-month business process. In reality, strategic planning is actually very simple. Once you understand it is a business process then all you have to do is learn the process steps. It is at this point a breakthrough action is required. Bringing in a skilled strategy consultant to act as a teacher and facilitator to kick-start the activity with a rock-solid process and a structured workshop can make a real difference.

The Intrafocus three-session workshop covers a seven-step process based on the principles of the Balanced Scorecard methodology. By the end of the process, you will create an integrated strategy map similar to the example at the end of this page.

The Method

Intrafocus consultants have decades of experience in strategy workshop facilitation. We have developed a three session strategy workshop based on the strategic principles found in the Balanced Scorecard Methodology. The methodology, which examines the four focus areas (or Perspectives) of Finance, Customer, Internal Processes and Organisational Capacity, builds a ‘balanced’ strategy through the use of facilitated exercises. The three sessions take place during the mornings of three consecutive days.

The Sessions

The morning sessions last between four and six hours each, depending on the number of attendees. The facilitator organises ‘homework’ for the afternoon that usually takes around two hours to complete. The facilitator will provide a critique of each session and present it the next day.

The three sessions aim to create an Integrated Strategy Map, similar to the illustration below. Our consultants will also record all of the material generated in a Strategy document using a pre-defined template. Please download a copy of the template shown on the right-hand side of this page.

Strategic Planning

There is often a tendency during a strategic planning workshop to meander away from the task-in-hand. A skilled strategy workshop facilitator can ensure the participants are led back to the central topic while at the same time allowing space to explore and develop new ideas. Whether it is incorporating a brand new digital strategy or simply revising an existing communications strategy, our facilitators will be a hand to help guide participant in the right direction. Our facilitators have decades of experience that can help you develop and structure your ideas to create a plan that will succeed.

Strategy Workshop

A three-session facilitated workshop based on the balanced scorecard methodology

  • Type: Workshop, teaching, and exercises
  • Location: On-site (your location)
  • Participants: 6-24 people
  • Duration: Three consecutive mornings
  • Price: Per delegate (please enquire)

The workshop is priced per-delegate depending on the number of delegates attending, please use the contact form below to request pricing.

Strategic Planning Professional

Become Certified in the Strategic Planning Process (SPP) by attending a strategy workshop. We work with your team at your location and with your strategy. Our facilitator will take you through the full Strategic Planning Process.

Continuing Personal Development (CPD)

The three-day course provides a minimum of 18 hours of CPD accreditation. This number can be increased if supplementary exercises are required.

Strategy Document

All of the information is recorded in a template strategy document like the one below, together with photographs of any board-work, so nothing is lost.

Sample Output – Integrated Strategy Map

Strategy Workshop Facilitation from Intrafocus

Click on the strategy map to expand it to full size


Topics Covered

Session 1

  • Balanced Scorecard Principles
  • Assessment
  • Critique of any Material provided
  • Exercise 1 – Enablers/Challenges
  • Picture of the Future
  • Developing a Shared Understanding
  • Exercise 2 – Purpose/Vision
  • Components of a Value Proposition
  • Exercise 3 – List components
  • What is a Strategic Theme?
  • Exercise 4 – Create Themes and Results

Session 2

  • Review Work to Date
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategic/Business Objectives
  • Perspectives
  • Strategy Map
  • Commentary
  • Exercise 1 – Creating Strategic Objectives
  • Exercise 2 – Combining the Maps
  • Intended Results Overview
  • Clarity in language ’Weasel Words’
  • Exercise 3 – Write ‘Intended Results’

Session 3

  • Review Work to Date
  • Revise Strategic Objectives
  • Exercise 1 – Agree Final Strategy Map
  • Consolidated Strategy Map
  • Results to Performance Measures
  • Meaningful Performance Measures
  • Exercise 2 – Create some Metrics
  • What are Strategic Initiatives?
  • Exercise 3a – Create initiatives
  • Exercise 3b – Prioritise Initiatives
  • Review Final Integrated Strategy Map

The Integrated Strategy Map differs from a normal strategy map in that it includes all of the major pieces of information required to implement an integrated strategy. It starts with a vision and associated mission statement (these items are usually available before the workshops start). Using the vision and mission as the baseline for all the following work, guided exercises produce a set of strategic priorities and business objectives. The work on the strategy map does not stop here. Our workshop sessions go on to develop result statements for each business objective and then measures (with descriptions) and finally the initiatives (projects) that drive change.

Customer Head and Quote 2

The three-day course was very helpful for supporting our senior management team to better understand the strategic process and how to coordinate corporate and departmental strategies, initiatives and priorities. The workshop, through its exercises and discussions, enabled us to narrow these down to the priorities that would add the most value to our global business.

Sturle Pedersen, CEO, Gexcon

Customer Head and Quote 2

The Balanced Scorecard three-day workshop with Intrafocus was invaluable for aligning our senior team. We all had our own ideas but the workshop, through a set of exercises and lively discussions, enabled us to narrow these down to the priorities that would add the most value to our business

Bruce Bultitude, Chairman & Managing Director, Power Jacks

Customer Head and Quote 2

Thank you for an inspiring, motivational and enriching course. I am taking away with me a lot of ideas how my organisation can improve its strategic work.

Coleen Heemskerk, Policy Advisor on Quality Assurance, Church of Sweden