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KPI Dashboard

How to Develop Meaningful KPIs

Key Performance Indicators are the backbone of your strategy, they need to be developed with care and attention.

Strategic Planning Process - Part 1

Strategic Planning Workbook

The Strategic Planning Process (SPP) described in detail. Use it to help with your workshops and engage your staff.

Template - Resources

Strategic Plan Generator

Use our cloud-based tool to help you generate your own strategic plan. A step by step process with real-world examples all the way.

What is a Balanced Scorecard - Resources

What is the Balanced Scorecard?

The Balanced Scorecard, referred to as the BSC, is a framework to implement and manage strategy.

Scorecard Excel Template - Resources

Balanced Scorecard Spreadsheet

A ‘getting started’ Balanced Scorecard excel template. (This is only an educational tool)

RFP for Balanced Scorecard Software

Balanced Scorecard Software - RFP

If you are going to tender for a KPI Management system or a Balanced Scorecard tool, use this RFP.

Develop a strategy - Resources

How to Develop a Meaningful Strategy

The definitive beginners guide. From vision and purpose, through to objectives to measures and finally projects.

Strategy Map - Resources

What is a Strategy Map?

What is a strategy map and how does it relate to the balanced scorecard? Can it be used in any other context?

Strategy Map Templates - Resources

Strategy Map Templates

A set of Strategy Map templates in an editable PowerPoint presentation format. From basic to completely wacky!

KPI Library - Intrafocus Resources

Key Performance Indicator Library

The top 20 KPIs every manager should know plus a list of hundreds of KPIs grouped by sector.

Strategy Map - Resources

What Exactly is a KPI?

What  is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and when should they be used? A short beginners guide to KPIs.

Lead and Lag Indicators - Resources from Intrafocus

Lead and Lag Indicators

Why it is important to have a selection of leading and lagging measures in your scorecard.

Glossary of Strategic terms from Intrafocus

Glossary of Strategic Terms

Confused by all of the jargon, annoyed by ridiculous acronyms? Use this glossary to create your own definitive lexicon.

Strategy for beginners

Strategic Planning for Beginners

New to strategic planning? Take a look at our Strategy 101 web pages. There’s everything you need to get started. 

Top 10 Strategy books - Intrafocus

The Top Ten Strategy Books - 2023

We have taken a look at all the strategy books published recently and in the past to provide this list of what we think are the top 10 books.

Useful Web Pages:

Glossary of Strategic terms from Intrafocus

Government and Defence

Intrafocus is a registered Crown Commercial Supplier – See what we can provide for Government departments.

Spider Impact

Spider Impact® Preview System

Take a look at our free-to-view Spider Impact® from Spider Strategies® system. Log straight in and look around.

Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis Tools

There are a plethora of strategic analysis tools available. This guide which includes SWOT, Pestle, GAP, Porters and others.

Business Processes

What is KPI Management?

Successful KPI Management requires two things, firstly select the right KPIs, and secondly embed them into your process.

What is Strategy Management

Strategy Management Tools

What should you expect from a strategy management software tool? Take a look at our checklist and sample RFP

Strategy Checklist

Strategic Planning Checklist

Are you certain you have covered everything you need to cover? Use our checklist to be sure

What is an OKR

OKR - Objectives and Key Results

OKR is a management tool used to create engagement and alignment around strategic goals. OKRs are project based

What makes a good KPI Dashboard

What is a KPI Dashboard?

KPI Dashboards use scorecard data to create useful visualisations. Take a look at a few good examples.

Strategy Map Templates - Resources

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