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You have written your plan, you’re about to publish it. But is it a good plan? Does it hang together? Let us review the document with a fresh pair of strategically trained eyes.


Strategic Planning

We are strategic planning experts. We know how to put a good plan together. We might not know your business but we do know what is needed in a good plan and what is not. We will look at the structure, the elements and provide you with a helpful critique.

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We will Contact you

We will contact you via e-mail to get the ball rolling. We will respond to any questions you may have. When you are happy to proceed, we will ask you to select a package and send your document over.


Review Your Plan

Depending on which package you have selected, we will review your strategic plan, this takes 2-5 working days.


Provide A Report

We will provide a written report with a full critique of your strategic plan.


Our Review Process

Set Parameters

We will contact you via e-mail, of if you prefer via phone or an online session to discuss your needs. We are also happy to receive you plan to make an initial assessment


Review the Plan

The purpose of this assessment is to look at the plans structure and the strategic process you have adopted. We may pass comment on the business content, but this is not a critique of your ideas


Provide a Report

The output is a written report and an online session to discuss the report. The online session usually lasts between one and two hours depending on the content


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Thank you for visiting our website. We are very fortunate to be able to continue our online consultancy services during these troubled times, and to do so from our home here in England’s ancient capital city of Winchester. We want you to get the most out of your strategy, so please contact us today to get things started.



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