Balanced Scorecard RFP

Balanced Scorecard RFP – Many companies are either required to or chose to place tenders for the goods and services they procure.  The tender process often includes a stage where a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) is sent out to a vendor short list.  Having responded to many RFPs we thought it might be useful to provide a sample that includes a generic set of questions related to balanced scorecard software. The link below is for a balanced scorecard software or KPI management software RFP template.  The make-up of the document is as follows:

1     Introduction

1.1         Submittal Due Date

1.2         Information About Us

1.3         Description of Project

1.4         Contact

2     Scope of Work

2.1         Business

2.2         Scorecard and Initiatives

2.3         Dashboards and Reporting

2.4         Integration

2.5         Administration, Access, Security

2.6         Support

3     Pricing

4     General Information

4.1         Timelines

4.2         Requirements for Submittal

4.3         Evaluation Criteria

5          Appendix


You can download it here: Balanced Scorecard – KPI RFP Template

Balanced Scorecard RFP