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If you are using spreadsheets to manage your contacts, then you need to think like other government departments and start using Spider Impact.


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In the United Kingdom, Government departments use Spider Impact to manage their contracts. The application is also used by hundreds of companies and government organisations around the world. 

Gexcon UK has been using Spider Impact religiously for 5 years. With around 20% growth per annum, you can conclude that the tool has certainly helped me achieve this consistently positive result.

Dave Price

President UK, Gexcon

With Spider Impact we now have a tool for Management and Board meetings to provide easily digestible data including key trends. Also, Management accountability can be easily assigned.

Robert Dolbear

Managing Director, HCR Group

Proven Success

The numbers don’t lie

Managing multiple contracts can be hugely time consuming. Continually asking people for data can be a real pain. What if you had a system that did the job for you?

Take control of your contracts.

Government departments already use Spider Impact to help them manage their contracts more efficiently.

We can put you in touch with a local government Contracts Monitoring Officer who will explain how easy it is to change.



Increased Productivity


Increased Accuracy

Contract Management

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A better way to manage your contracts

  • Build a system in minutes
  • Save hours, if not days, every month
  • Visualise your results in dashboards
  • Run your meetings online
  • Export reports at any time

Take advantage of our free Getting Started package (see details below), request a trial and demonstration today!

Structured Support

Getting Started

Let us help you get started. Not only will we give you a free trial, but we can help you every step of the way to build a pilot system with your data.

  • Free – Four hours training and consultancy
  • Free – Comprehensive video and user guides
  • Free – Adhoc online sessions with an expert
  • Free – Presentation and demonstration
  • Free – Convert your trial into a production system

To help you get started try our 30-day action plan. It includes resources only available to trial users, a consultant on call to provide help at any time, and up to four training sessions. All you need to do is request a Spider Impact trial.

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Bring clarity to your work

Contract Management - Clarity


Trusted by organisations across the world

“Our company has successfully survived the Coronavirus crisis which was a great challenge for all of us. Thanks to Spider Impact scorecards we were always in touch with reality, being able to monitor and control all key processes.

Martin Roček

Quality Manager, CompuGroup Medical

The Spider Impact solution has been an enormous help to ОБФ. In the past six years, we have created a centralised reporting and dashboard system that has greatly improved the way our consultants work. Working with Intrafocus has been a pleasure, they are very attentive to all our requirements.

Kirill Lapov

Consolidated Paper Mills (known as ОБФ in Russia)

Spider Impact has become an integral tool in our business and is being used at different levels, for example as a Tier 1 Balanced Scorecard at the EXCO level and Tier 2 Scorecards at an EXCO Member/Divisional level. The support provided by Intrafocus has been great.

Hennie Van Wyk


Organisational Improvement

Improve your productivity

Do you want to see a huge increase in productivity? Maybe you are looking to save or control your costs? Perhaps you want to get to grips with your online presence? Whatever you are trying to achieve, you need to make the objectives visible, allocate tasks to the right people and measure your results. Take control of your organisation and make an impact today.

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