About Intrafocus

Intrafocus is a business scorecard management software reseller and consultancy. Whether you use standard strategic planning tools like strategy maps, balanced scorecards or business scorecards, or use your own internal strategic planning and management processes, our software can help. With it you can achieve strategic alignment through the creation of meaningful strategic objectives, the development of key performance indicators and the linkage to strategic initiatives.

Drawing on our wealth of knowledge and expertise from across the globe you can be sure we will create the most effective solutions to improve your productivity and help grow your business.

At Intrafocus we take your privacy very seriously. Our terms for using this website keep to the relevant conditions set out in UK data-protection laws.

Our privacy policy sets out the data processing practices carried out through your use of this web site created by Intrafocus Limited.

Our terms of use statement outlines our terms and conditions regarding the content on our website, including the terms of use for downloading software, links to other websites, products and services, advertising and sponsorship.

Our standard terms and conditions for the supply of goods and services to our customers outline expectations for both our customers and ourselves.

Our BSC template terms and conditions for the sale of the Intrafocus Balanced Scorecard Excel Template.

If you have any questions about this website, our privacy policy or terms of use please contact us via our Contact Page. End About Intrafocus

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