New Website Intrafocus

We are all very excited here at the Intrafocus offices, our new website has been officially launched! After a tense few days of testing, we hit the button at 10am Thursday 22nd March and there it was. The website contains all of the information from the old website and much, much more. Be sure to check out our new Intrafocus Academy pages, all of the product introduction and training videos have been revised and tightened up. Many are a lot shorter and crisper to enable you to learn faster. We hope you enjoy the site and apologise for the unacceptable use of the blog to blatantly promote the business, but we just could not help ourselves!

Update: The website has got even better! We have been working really hard to provide as much information on not only our products but on the subject of business performance management as well. To that end we have incorporated a Resources section that includes pages on frequently asked topics such as the Balanced Scorecard, Lead and Lag Measures and Strategy Maps. There is also a section dedicated to book reviews and of course are widely used documents and whitepapers are still available. we hope you enjoy these new resources.