Metric Challenge

Press Release: The Metric Challenge – Intrafocus is convinced its software, QuickScore, can make a difference to business management. They are offering to load a set of objectives and up to 50 metrics into a trial system free of charge. This will enable companies to see how quickly and easily a system can be created. The system will then display the results based on real data.

“We know it can be daunting working from a blank sheet and that’s why we would like to help,” said Intrafocus yesterday. “If you have a spreadsheet with up to 50 metrics or a PowerPoint with a set of Objectives or even a word document with some ideas, then we will take the challenge to put some structure behind your data and build a scorecard system. If we can’t do it we will tell you, we will not waste your time or our time.”

To better align business operations to strategy, and put order behind metrics and reporting, Intrafocus recommends that companies move from spreadsheets to dedicated business performance management systems. This can ensure a more powerful communication of business goals. The Metric Challenge is a simple and effective way to see the benefits that can be gained from such a move. Contact us today for more information on the metric challenge.

This business scorecard technology has been available since 2004 in the USA and is highly rated by companies like Starbucks and organisations such as the US Army. Cloud based scorecard solutions are gaining traction in the UK and Europe. It would seem that the time is right to investigate. For more information go to