Getting Started

Press Release: Intrafocus has released a set of ‘Getting Started for QuickScore‘ guides for the worlds’ leading Balanced Scorecard software.

Working from a blank sheet is always a daunting task. User manuals are helpful but often real-life examples bring a system alive. This is the approach Intrafocus has taken with its latest set of Getting Started guides.


Getting Started for QuickScore provides several step-by-step guides. They use ‘real’ company data to help build working business scorecards using the acclaimed QuickScore software.

The documents range from simple navigation instructions through to metric guides. There is a step-by-step walk though for the entire system. Intrafocus believes that a business user could set up a working scorecard, including a set of dashboards, in hours.

“The guides provide a useful set of instructions to an already intuitive application” says Intrafocus “we have aimed Getting Started for QuickScore at business users who use spreadsheets and want to move to something a little more sophisticated”.

For those that want more detailed information Intrafocus also provides eighteen training videos. These are aimed at a systems administrators but are freely available to anyone. To further encourage use of the software Intrafocus will provide a 30 day free trial with no obligation to buy.

QuickScore is the only Balanced Scorecard Software formally recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute. It provides the means to link company strategy to objectives and metrics and finally to strategic initiatives. The tracking interface turns metrics into ‘scores’ which are then rolled up to provide a typical red, amber, green, traffic light assessment for all levels within a company or organisation. This delivers an at-a-glance health-check to departments, divisions and headquarters that can be used as the starting point to drill-down back down for detailed information.

This business scorecard technology has been available since 2004 in the USA and is highly rated by companies like Starbucks and organisations such as the US Army. Cloud based business scorecard solutions are also gaining traction in the UK and Europe.