Balanced Scorecard Spreadsheet

Press Release: Intrafocus has released the latest version of its already highly successful Balanced Scorecard spreadsheet, now available free of charge.

Intrafocus has released the latest version of its already successful balanced scorecard spreadsheet template. The template provides a classic balanced scorecard structure into which companies and organisations can practice adding objectives, metrics and initiatives.

“By providing the spreadsheet free of charge Intrafocus’ aim is to help educate the market through the use of simple, easy-to-use tools” says Intrafocus

The template provides a classic four perspective view of Financial, Customer, Internal Processes and Learning & Growth. It is based on a locked-down Excel spreadsheet. The user interface is very simple and intuitive; however, the spreadsheet comes with a full set of instructions.

The template’s primary use is to provide practitioners with a ready-to-use balanced scorecard environment that automatically links objectives to metrics. It also automatically updates a basic strategy map and trending graphs and charts. Additional functionality has been added to provide a one-page display of strategic initiatives against objectives.

“We see this as a first step in experimenting with a balanced scorecard or business scorecard approach” says Intrafocus, “it is a useful tool to enable anyone to grasp basic score carding principles and provide some simple dashboard results. We don’t see this as being the end-game in scorecard automation, but it does provide a jump-start for experimentation and a safe put-up / tear-down environment to quickly explain concepts”.

Intrafocus also provides an industrial strength application to create, modify and track scorecards called QuickScore. QuickScore is the only Balanced Scorecard Software formally recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute. It provides the means to link strategy to objectives, metrics and initiatives. The sophisticated tracking interface turns metrics into ‘scores’ which are then rolled up to provide a red, amber, green, traffic light assessment for all levels within a company or organisation. This can deliver an at-a-glance health-check for departments, divisions and headquarters.

QuickScore has been available since 2004 in the USA and is highly rated by companies like Starbucks and organisations such as the US Army. Cloud based scorecard solutions are gaining traction in the UK and Europe.