Press Release: Winchester, England.

The Intrafocus Annual Business Scorecard Survey has one more month to run, if you want a copy of the final report be sure to take the survey today.

Executive commitment rises by 15%, early analysis has provided some surprising results. To the question “How would you characterise your organisation’s commitment to a business scorecard?” the answer “Major strategic commitment from executive management” polled a 45% return as compared to 30% last year.

“We have been astonished by this change,” says Intrafocus. “At first we thought the target audience might be different, but on closer inspection we concluded the demographic profile was very similar to last year.”

Intrafocus believes the major factor behind the change is the up-turn in economic growth. As companies and organisations leave the recession behind, they want to ensure they are driving their businesses forward. Structuring strategic growth through the use of a balanced or business scorecard provides them with a proven methodology.

“The difference this time around,” explains Intrafocus, “is the availability of user-friendly software tools to automate the Balanced Scorecard process.”

One such software package is QuickScore, the only Balanced Scorecard Software formally recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute. It provides the means to link company strategy to objectives and metrics and finally to strategic initiatives. The sophisticated tracking interface turns metrics into ‘scores’ which are then rolled up providing a typical red, amber, green, traffic light assessment for all levels within a company or organisation. This delivers an at-a-glance health-check to departments, divisions and headquarters that can be used as the starting point to drill-down back down for detailed information.

This scorecard technology has been available since 2004 in the USA and is highly rated by companies like Starbucks and organisations such as the US Army. Cloud based scorecard solutions are gaining traction in the UK and Europe. It would seem that the time is right to investigate. For more information, go to our QuickScore page

Intrafocus has been running the survey for two months primarily targeting CEOs, Managing Directors and Strategy Directors. “Although the survey is open to anyone,” says Intrafocus, “we are segmenting the results to ensure we get an executive view and a practitioner view.”

The Intrafocus Annual Business Scorecard Survey will remain open until the end of December.