New Website - Intrafocus

Press Release: Intrafocus has completely re-designed its website and provided even more free resources for anyone interested in business performance and strategy management.

Intrafocus, providers of business performance and strategy management software, has just launched its new website and in doing so provided even more free content. The new website is fully ‘responsive’ and so available on all platforms from desktop to mobile.

“Our previous website was perfectly serviceable and only three years old,” says Intrafocus. “However, as we all know technology is moving at an alarming rate so it is important for us to ensure the best experience for our website users and customers.”

Intrafocus has taken advantage of the new website build to reorganise their existing resources and provide even more useful and relevant information. The website now includes:

  • Balanced Scorecard documents and samples
  • A Balanced Scorecard excel template and documentation
  • Intrafocus Insight, a weekly industry practice publication
  • Business performance management whitepapers
  • Book recommendations
  • Training videos and a video help centre
  • And much more

“Business performance and strategy management can be quite daunting especially for those organisations that are just starting out in this area,” says Clive Keyte at Intrafocus “We have worked hard to put together a set of neutral and informative documents and resources that we have made freely available to anyone who wants them. We see it as part of our job to help educate the market.”

Intrafocus Insight, for example, has been providing industry insights almost every week for nearly three years. It is a prime resource for the industry covering subjects as diverse as the definition of a Strategy Map to the Evidence Base Management approach. Intrafocus even offers a weekly e-mail subscription providing snippets from Intrafocus Insight.

About Intrafocus:
Intrafocus is a business performance and strategy management software reseller and consultancy. For example, they provide QuickScore the only software formally recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute. QuickScore can link organisational strategy to objectives, metrics and initiatives. The tracking interface turns metrics into ‘scores’ which are then rolled up to deliver an at-a-glance health-check for departments, divisions and headquarters. Intrafocus supplies products to Europe, The Middle East, and Africa.