Winchester, England. September 25th, 2020.

Intrafocus is delighted to announce the availability of Spider Strategies® strategic performance management system, Spider Impact™.

Spider Impact™ is a strategic performance management system, written by Spider Strategies®, that has had a long heritage in both public and private sector. Originally QuickScore™, the application has been thoroughly upgraded to include many more integration features and a powerful dashboarding capability. The application provides a powerful platform to create and manage strategy and key performance indicators (KPIs). Spider Impact is process agnostic and therefore can be adapted to suit any existing strategy or KPI management system.

The key functions of the application include:

  • Scorecards – The way you organise your KPIs, objectives and performance areas
  • Dashboards – The aggregation of KPIs into meaningful visual displays
  • Strategy Maps – For use in strategy management and strategic reporting
  • Charts & Reposts – When you need to look at your data in a spreadsheet format
  • Initiatives – Link KPIs and objectives directly to initiatives and/or projects
  • Import – Powerful import and integration into back-end systems
  • Export – Export your data in multiple formats including html dashboards


“We are very excited to be working with Spider Strategies on the introduction of Spider Impact to the market,” said Clive Keyte, Director at Intrafocus “for our existing QuickScore customers this will simplify the way they import data from their existing systems. For new customers, Spider Impact provides the best platform for managing key performance indicators.”

Spider Impact is perfect for enterprises of any size who need a business performance management system that can automate the monthly reporting process. The application puts the responsibility of management directly into the hands of the people who manage the numbers. It gives them insight and a more rounded view of the organisation or business while making it easy to ensure everything is kept up to date.

About Intrafocus

Intrafocus is a business-performance management consultancy and software reseller. Intrafocus runs strategy workshops and provides strategic consultancy to help organisations build, implement and manage strategy. Spider Impact™, written by Spider Strategies®, is a strategic performance management system that links KPIs to goals, strategic objectives, and projects. Intrafocus is an authorised Spider Strategies reseller for Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

About Spider Strategies®

Spider Strategies’ sole focus is to help its customers achieve their best strategic performance and bring their organizational strategies to life through intuitive, powerful, methodology-agnostic, strategic performance management software. Spider Strategies is a privately held U.S. corporation headquartered in Arlington, VA, supported by a network of partners and resellers across the globe.