Consolidated Paper Mills (known in Russia as ОБФ) is a group of manufacturing enterprises in the pulp and paper industry. OBF is one of the top 15 largest enterprises in the pulp and paper industry in Russia. It ranks fourth in domestic containerboard manufacturers and is the leader in the commercial production of recycled containerboard in the country.

In-house research and testing laboratories constantly monitor and improve the quality of the product at all stages of production. This ensures high consumer confidence in the properties and manufacturability of OBF products.

Consolidated Paper Mills (OBF) was recently named the winner in the “Successful Marketing Strategy, Expansion of Markets in Russia and Abroad” category of the PAP-FOR Awards.

The Challenge

OBF scientists needed to collect data on a daily and weekly basis from locations around the world. The data had to be collated, aggregated, and presented back in a way that was useful to the scientists collectively. OBF used desktop tools such as spreadsheets and presentations to create the reports. The activity was time-consuming and prone to error.

The Solution

After reviewing several tools, OBF contacted Intrafocus in December 2015 and asked for a Spider Impact® by Spider Strategies® trial. Intrafocus helped OBF build a prototype solution which was quickly rolled out to users across the world. Buy-in to the new system was immediate as the users were now able to update their data easily to a central repository. Kirill Lapov, please add our role, of OBF said:

“The Spider Impact solution has been an enormous help to OBF. In the past six years, we have created a centralised reporting and dashboard system that has greatly improved the way our consultants work. Working with Intrafocus has been a pleasure, they are very attentive to all our requirements.”

Over the years, OBF has taken advantage of the increased functionality in Spider Impact and created some industry-leading dashboards. Every dashboard is updated automatically as soon as data is added to the OBF scorecards.

The Benefits to OBF

Collecting and collating the OBF data used to take days of effort and was prone to human error. The Spider Impact system has automated the process of data collection so that it is in the hands of the data owners. Today, data input only takes minutes.

More importantly, as the data is connected to a set of dashboards, useful information can be viewed by all interested parties as soon as the data is updated. OBF is in the process of moving to the 2022 Version 5 release of Spider Impact to take advantage of an even more enhanced dashboard and reporting suite of tools.