Power Jacks is a British design and manufacturing company, specialising in electromechanical actuation, lifting, and positioning. Customers in 80 countries across the world depend on Power Jacks to provide screw jacks, linear actuators, lead screws, bevel gearboxes, jacking systems and the technical guidance and support for each of the solutions.

Headquartered near Aberdeen in Great Britain, Power Jacks employs more than 60 skilled staff in a modern purpose-built facility, with sales, engineering design, production engineering, operations and QHSE teams.

The Challenge

As the Power Jacks business expanded across the world, managing their Key Performance Indicators (KPI) became burdensome using spreadsheets, presentations and reports. Delivery of the Power Jacks solutions required that accurate and immediate information was available at a moments notice.

The management team each had an individual responsibility to update the data which was collated centrally and reviewed on a regular basis or in an ad-hoc way when required. Centralising the process and providing easy access to the data was a key requirement for Power Jacks.

They also needed a better way to display the data, which was collated as a set of spreadsheets and presentations. Power Jacks needed a system that could collect and collate data easily and quickly and then display views of the data that would be helpful to the company and to each of the managers.

The Solution

Power Jacks engaged Intrafocus in 2014 to conduct a KPI management workshop to help the management team build a set of strategic objectives and associated key performance indicators.

Bruce Bultitute, CEO at Power Jacks said:

“The three-day workshop with Intrafocus was invaluable for aligning our senior team. We all had our own ideas but the workshop, through a set of exercises and lively discussions, enabled us to narrow these down to the priorities that would add the most value to our business.”

The workshop resulted in a clear set of objectives and KPIs that formed the basis of a new scorecard that was built into Spider Impact. The scorecard then formed the basis of a set of dashboards, reports and briefings.

The Benefits

The solution has been in place for several years and Power Jacks has been able to streamline the whole process of data capture and display. Bruce went on to say:

“Use of the Spider Impact software provides the most effective way of ensuring the priorities are measured and visible throughout the business.”

The management team is aligned with the business priorities. Key performance data is collected easily and efficiently, and a set of management reports is automatically generated from the data. Review meetings are conducted using the application’s in-built presentation system saving days of effort every month.