Almi Tankers is an oil tanker management company committed to offering top quality, reliable, cost-effective, safe and efficient services to customers, that meet and exceed, all safety, environmental and quality requirements set by clients and regulatory organisations.

Almi Tankers is committed to continuous efforts to identify, manage and minimise the health, safety and security risks associated with its activities as well as its environmental impact by optimising energy consumption aboard the vessels and ashore. This is achieved through extensive risk management, seeking to exceed all safety regulations and going beyond industry best practices. Almi Tankers’ Integrated Management System encompasses all procedures according to five ISO standards: 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001 and 50001. When choosing Almi Tankers, clients can trust that they are in safe hands knowing that steps have been taken regarding quality management, occupational health & safety, information security, energy management and environmental management.

Almi Tankers provides a friendly and technologically advanced working environment, with top-of-the-line training facilities and all the necessary resources to invest in the development of people to ensure they reach their full potential.

The Challenge

In 2016 Almi Tankers wanted to enhance the execution and monitoring of its business strategy to deliver operational excellence according to the demanding expectations of its customers, mainly oil majors and commodity traders. They decided to adopt the industry-standard Balanced Scorecard Strategic methodology. The Almi Tankers executive team knew that a strategic methodology would best enable them to create not only a plan but a set of integrated strategic objectives, key performance indicators and initiatives.

They were also looking at a system that could record all the safety information records required to maintain a leading position in the industry.

The Solution

In June 2016 the Almi Tankers team contacted Intrafocus and asked them to conduct a three-day strategy workshop, this took place at the Almi Tankers Head Office in Athens. The workshop resulted in a defined set of strategic objectives, KPIs and initiatives.

Over the next few months, these items were built into the Spider Impact application as a set of scorecards, one for each department. Over the next few years and up to the present day, this system has been integral to maintaining and modifying the Almi Tankers’ strategic outlook.

As a by-product, Almi Tankers was also able to maintain safety records within the system and create a Strategic Safety Assurance Map.

The Benefits

Almi Tankers has been using Spider Impact (and its predecessor, QuickScore) for more than five years. The system is used to track key performance indicators and other metrics as defined by each department associated with their ongoing business strategy and safety records. According to the Strategy Management Director, Carolina Bachariou:

“The Spider Impact application continues to provide benefit to our team. It is easy to use, our records are maintained correctly, and we have the bonus of being able to create useful dashboards and reports that update automatically when the scorecard data are entered. Intrafocus has been a great supplier, they are quick to respond and eager to help.”

Almi Tankers’ implementation of Spider Impact is sophisticated and used by each department within the company. Using a centralised system, rather than spreadsheets and presentations, they have been able to consolidate and control their data, review and improve metrics on an annual basis, and have an overall view of how the company is performing through dashboards and a strategy map.