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If you like our free resources, then you are going to love our premium resource set. Subscribe to the Intrafocus Academy and meet 100s of business strategists, strategic marketeers and others who have a passion for building and promoting businesses around the world. 

The Academy not only provides a social platform, but e-books, useful presentations and templates, articles on old, current and future topics and the latest version of the Intrafocus strategic toolset.



What is included in the subscription?

The Intrafocus Academy is a social platform for people who are interested in developing a business. Primarily aimed at the Small to Medium Business (SMB) sector.

The platform gives access to a set of strategy and KPI e-Books, a series of useful presentation templates, 100s of articles (and the opportunity to publish articles yourself) and three software tools that will help you develop your business strategy.

Every month, four new resources will be added to the platform. Not too much to overwhelm you, but just enough to keep you on your toes!



A series of guides and workbooks tackling a variety of strategic subjects 


Template presentations to help with strategic planning, marketing and sales


100s Articles on every subject submitted by our members and Intrafocus 

Tools & Software

The very latest versions of the Intrafocus strategic planning toolset