My5 KPIs by Intrafocus

Getting Started

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Features and Functionality

What to expect from this application


The application should provide a framework that allows you to build a complete system in days not weeks. System management should be intuitive.t


The ability to build stylish dashboards that link objectives, KPIs and tasks. Providing clarity, enabling you to make quick decisions.

Spreadsheet views

Dashboards and strategy maps are amazing, but sometimes you just want the raw data. You should be able to create spreadsheets when they are needed.

Export Everything

Being paperless is great, but there will always be times when we need to export a dashboard or a full report. Multi-format export is an essential feature.

Free Training

Free training should come as part of the package. If it doesn’t, demand that it does! any supplier will provide free training if you buy their system.

Owner Accountability

We are used to assigning owners to tasks, but what about objectives and KPIs? Assigning ownership means people will be accountable and get things done. 

Import Data

Data import from any other system should be easy, point and click is ideal. Whether it is from Google Sheets or a simple spreadsheet

Mobile App

A mobile-enabled application is no longer an optional extra! You need to be able to access your data wherever you are and at any time.

Nothing to Install

Why bother going to the trouble of installing and maintaining an application when the provider can do it for you. An installation is an option, not the norm.