Application Training

A one-to-one application workshop
is the best way to get up and running quickly

Our comprehensive on-site getting started package will guarantee you are up and running within one day

Learn the Basics

Learn how to navigate around the application, create, modify and delete objects, and export to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF

Build a Scorecard

Build your first scorecard, define areas and perspectives, create objectives and metrics, link them to initiatives/actions

Create a Dashboard

Learn how to create dashboard and reports and export these to various formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF

Advanced Administration

Learn how to administer the system, use advanced build functions, add users and assign security permissions

Application Training Workshop

We will provide a consultant on your site to work side by side with your systems administrator. They will work together through the following:

In the morning:

  • Navigation – how to get around the application
  • Functions – the functions that make up the system
  • Scorecard – building a scorecard based on your data
  • Linking Metrics – linking metrics to scorecards
  • Dashboards – creating a standard strategy map
  • Dashboards – creating departmental view
  • Reports – creating a standard scorecard report
  • Initiatives – creating an initiative linked to a metric
  • Administration – adding a user and a group
  • Administration – basic application functions

In the afternoon:

  • Advanced Briefing Books – covers and export
  • Scorecards – how to create a calculation in a metric
  • Metrics – metric types and advanced functions
  • Related Items – linking initiatives to metrics
  • Modelling a Structure – using ‘Connect’ to build
  • Importing Data – using ‘Connect’ to import data
  • Permissions – assigning permissions to groups
  • Advanced Owners and Updaters  – via admin
  • Application Administration
  • Advanced Administration functions

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Application Training Packages:

Our training packages are based on 1:1 consultations between a trainer and your assigned systems administrator. Training is an optional extra, we provide full training via online training videos and guides. However, if you would like to get started quickly, the 1:1 training package offers the best way forward.


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Customer Head and Quote 2


Liverpool Airport has been using QuickScore (renamed to Spider Impact) for some time now and has found the software to be incredibly versatile and easy to use. We have been very happy with the on-going support from Intrafocus.

Jonathan Brennand, Head of Procurement and IT, Liverpool Airport, Liverpool Airports