Strategic Business Management

A one-day introduction to Strategic Business Management
for Directors, Managers and Strategy Practitioners

One-Day Strategic Business Management Course

Strategies fail due to poor implementation, not because they are poor strategies. Good strategic business management requires that a process is in place. This will ensure that strategy is considered on a regular basis. This one-day course introduces the tools used to build, implement and manage a successful strategy. For more information by click on register your interest, to the right ⇒

Venue information: If you would like us to run a Strategic Business Management course at your location, please let us know. Courses work best with a minimum of 6 delegates and a maximum of 20. If you would like us to organise a venue on you behalf, we can do that as well. Our instructors are happy to travel anywhere in Europe and the Middle East.

Topics Covered:

  • Strategic Management – Why it is important
  • Strategic Methodology – Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard
  • Assessment Techniques – How to assess and the tools used
  • Business Objectives – The power of telling the right story
  • Key Performance Indicators – Creating meaningful KPIs
  • Projects and Initiatives – The ‘engine that drives change’


Course Fees

As with all educational workshops, this one day workshop is priced per delegate. For bookings made at least one month in advance an early registration discount per delegate is available.

(Note: Training is Exempt from VAT in the United Kingdom, overseas attendees are not required to pay VAT)


Course Benefits

The course participants will leave with an understanding of a systematic approach to strategic planning. They will:

  • Understand a strategic planning methodology
  • Have a clear understanding of the Balanced Scorecard
  • Practice assessment and affinity grouping methods
  • Understand the importance of strategic prioritization
  • Practice creating useful business objectives
  • Build a strategy map for their own organisation
  • Have a clearer view of Key Performance Indicators


Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for Directors, Managers and Strategic Practitioners who are want more information about a strategic business management process and are seeking the best practical ideas for improving organisational performance.

Interactive Exercises

The participants will be split into small groups of four-five people to work on the case studies. They will present their finding back to the whole group to reinforce the learning points. The instructor will be working alongside the participants at all times providing the benefit of decades of practical experience.

Using Case Studies

The course exercises revolve around a case study. The case study is chosen to suit the background of the participants. It may be from either the private, public or not-for-profit sector. The case study enables the participants to practice some of the techniques introduced with the aim of creating a large part of an Integrated Strategy Map similar to the example below:

Strategy Map

Participants will leave having practiced assessment techniques to determine Strategic Priorities and Strategic Results. They will also undertake exercises to create a Business Objective Strategy Map. Measures, Targets and Initiatives will be discussed within the context of the work done. The one-day course does not provide enough time to complete the entire Integrated Strategy Map. For a full understanding of the Integrated Strategy Map we would recommend Intrafocus’ Strategy Workshop Facilitation or Balanced Scorecard Professional Training.

What do others say?

“We all had our own ideas but the workshop, through a set of exercises and lively discussions, enabled us to narrow these down to the priorities that would add the most value to our business.” Bruce Bultitude, Managing Director, PowerJacks

“The balance between learning and practical exercises to help move our strategy forward was perfect. If you need someone to kick-start your strategic activities, Intrafocus is the company to go to” Milos Jelic, CEO, Nelt

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course open to the public?
No. Although we do occasionally run public courses, this one is designed for companies or organisations that want a group of individuals to become proficient in the strategic business management using the Balanced Scorecard Methodology.




Is this a Strategic Planning course?
It is an introduction to a strategic planning.  It is based upon the Balanced Scorecard strategic methodology and teaches some of the principles of that strategic planning process


Can the course be customised?
No. this is a one day introduction, although we encourage our delegates to discuss their own strategies, this course is based around case study. This allows delegates to practice techniques in a safe educational environment.



Who is the instructor?
We update the web page above with the name and a short profile of the current instructor for this course.  All of our instructors are highly experienced and qualified to teach this course.  Most have both teaching and subject matter qualifications.


Where can the course be delivered?
We are based in Winchester, England and our instructors are happy to travel to locations in United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. If you are located outside these regions, please call and we can put you in touch with trainers from across the world.



How is the course taught?
The course is highly interactive and has multiple practical exercises. The standard teaching elements are all reinforced by exercises and group discussions.



How many delegates can attend?
Due to the interactive nature of this course, a minimum of 6 delegates is required.  We generally recommend no more than 20 delegates on a course, however, we have run courses for 25 delegates in the past with an assistant instructor present.


Is the course cheaper with more delegates?
Yes.  The standard pricing starts at 6 delegates and reduces when more delegates are added. We are happy to discuss volume pricing at any time.


How can I book a course?
Click on the “Register your interest” button at the top of the page and fill in the form. You will be contacted for further information within 24 hours.



The Course

A one-day in-house Strategic Business Management course

Price: Per delegate (please enquire)

Early registration: for registrations made at least one month in advance prior to the course start date an early registration price per delegate is available.

Is this course for you?

Is this course for you? If the answer to the following questions is NO, then you really should attend this course:

  • Do you have a clear vision and strategy for the future?
  • Are you happy with the strategic process your organisation has in place?
  • Do you have a sensible set of business objectives?
  • Does everyone in your organisation know what the strategic vision is?
  • Is your strategy easy to understand, could you tell me what it is in one sentence?
  • Do you have a sensible set of Key Performance Indicators?

Download the flyer for this course here: