Balanced Scorecard Template Limitations

Please be aware this is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and therefore has some limitations:


  • The spreadsheet has been designed for use with Microsoft Excel 2010 only running on a PC, it is not Mac compatible
  • The spreadsheet has been written using the English language, results in other languages are unpredictable and some macros will not work
  • It uses Macros and ActiveX controls extensively and therefore these have to be enabled
  • It has be designed with the standard Balanced Scorecard 4 Perspectives, no more and no less
  • Each of the Perspectives can have up to 3 Strategic Objectives except the Internal Perspective which can have 5
  • Each Strategic Objective can have up to 3 metrics (look at the sceenshots to see how this works)
  • Input is achieved through the Data Entry sheets.
  • The data entry cells have been protected as far as is reasonable possible but still allow formulas to be used. If formulas are used this can cause unpredictable results
  • All other worksheets have been protected as far as is reasonably possible
  • Intrafocus cannot be held responsible for misuse of the spreadsheet


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