Intrafocus recommends these books:


Practical Performance Measures


Practical Performance Measurement

Stacey Barr – 2105. If you had to sum up Stacey Barr’s book in a single word, and indeed her whole approach to performance measurement, you would say ‘practical’.  Intrafocus Review

Books - The Institute Way

The Institute Way

Howard Rohm, David Wilsey, Gail Stout Perry, Dan Montgomery – 2013. Reviewed by Intrafocus in September 2013. A detailed look at the Institute’s Nine Steps to SuccessTM strategic planning framework. Buy at Amazon


Books - 75 KPIs for Managers

Key Performance Indicators

Bernard Marr – 2012. The book presents case examples to illustrate the selection and use of the KPIs and provides tools such as KPI selection templates and Key Performance Questions to help you apply the most appropriate KPIs effectively in your business. Buy at Amazon

Books - Business at the Speed of Now

Business at the Speed of Now

John M Bernard – 2011. “Our citizens demand transparency and accountability. Business at the Speed of Now is more than thought provoking, it provides the answers every leader needs to understand”. Michael Jordon, Chief Operating Officer, State of Oregon. Buy at Amazon


Books - The Intelligent Company

The Intelligent Company

Bernard Marr – 2010. A practical book providing managers with five essential steps to improve their business intelligence and allow them to carry out the kind of reality check they need to maintain competitive advantage for their organization. Buy at Amazon

Books - Key Performance Indicators - Parmenter

Key Performance Indicators

David Parmenter – 2010. David Parmenter has developed a methodology that is breathtaking in its simplicity and yet profound in its impact. Buy at Amazon


Books - Analytics at work

Analytics at Work

Davenport, Harris and Morrison – 2010. Most companies have massive amounts of data at their disposal, yet fail to utilise it in any meaningful way. Buy at Amazon

Books - Business analytics for managers

Business Analytics for Managers

Laursen and Thorlund – 2010. World-class guidance for delivering the right decision support to the right people at the right time. Buy at Amazon


Books - Strategy Maps

Strategy Maps

Kaplan and Norton – 2004. Nearly a decade on, Strategy Maps is a blueprint any organisation can follow to align processes, people, and information technology for superior performance. Buy at Amazon

Books - Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard

Kaplan and Norton – 1996. The definitive works – See how senior executives in industries such as banking, oil, insurance, and retailing are using the Balanced Scorecard both to guide current performance and to target future performance. Buy at Amazon