QuickScore - Balanced Scorecard Software

Manage your key business metrics effectively
and improve your business communications.

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Gather and respond to customer feedback immediately with
CustomerSure, improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

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Scorecard Training

Balanced Scorecard Certification from The Balanced,
Scorecard Institute and George Washington University.
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Are your metrics up to date? Do they relate to your business objectives? Have you defined clear and precise ownership? If the answer is no, then you really need to look at QuickScore today.



The only software recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute. Align your strategy to your objectives, metrics and initiatives.



Scoreboard is better for those companies using a more generic business language to describe their strategy, objectives and metrics. 



Stand out from the competition and start improving customer satisfaction in just three simple steps, be sure you know what you customer thinks of you.

Professional Certification


Balanced Scorecard professional certification from the George Washington University and the Balanced Scorecard Institute.

Balanced Scorecard Software

As recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute. Watch the three minute video, Go
to our QuickScore pages for more information or try our preview system, it is free.

Customer Satisfaction Software

Is your strategy is working?  The only way you can know for sure is by asking your customers.  With CustomerSure, you will never be in doubt.

Biogen Idec Logo
“I am amazed by the speed to implement the tool and the support from Intrafocus is excellent.” Roland Schmid – Associate Director, Biogen Idec 
Liverpool Airport Logo
“We have been very happy with the on-going support from Intrafocus”. Jonathan Brennand – Head of Procurement and IT, Liverpool Airport
Kirby Group Logo
“It simply makes our strategy execution process much more practical and manageable!”
Giedre Visockaite – Strategy and Innovation Analyst, Kirby Group
Intrafocus Customer - CompuGroup Medical
“I cannot imagine an easier way to work with a BSC than the one QuickScore provides”.
Vladimir Prikryl – General Manager, CompuGroup Medical

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