Intrafocus QuickScore

Press Release: QuickScore is the only business performance management software formally recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute. The latest release now incorporates embeddable dashboards, a scorecard builder, a ‘getting started’ module and much more.
“This is a significant advance to the product,” says Intrafocus. “Users now have the ability to provide company-wide information to a much, much wider audience through embeddable dashboards. They can even make information available to external audiences through pubic web pages”.
The new ‘builder’ functionality has simplified the process of creating scorecards. It is now possible to get a basic system up and running within minutes. Combining the scorecards with powerful dashboards that can be embedded into any web page means business performance information can be made available to management, staff, partners, suppliers, in fact anyone who needs the data.

The new ‘Getting Started’ module provides a step-by-step guide through the process of gathering information for strategic management. From SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) to Vision, Mission, Core Values, Strategic Themes, Objectives, Performance Measures and Strategic Initiatives. The entire process is mapped out and a repository provided to ensure overall Strategy is linked to objectives and performance of the company or organisation.

For full information about the new functionality available in QuickScore version 2.7, go to the Intrafocus support pages to view the Getting Started guides and Help Centre videos.

QuickScore is the only Balanced Scorecard Software formally recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute. It provides the means to link company strategy to objectives and metrics and finally to strategic initiatives. The sophisticated tracking interface turns metrics into ‘scores’ which are then rolled up providing a typical red, amber, green, traffic light assessment for all levels within a company or organisation. This delivers an at-a-glance health-check to departments, divisions and headquarters that can be used as the starting point to drill-down back down for detailed information.

About Intrafocus:
Intrafocus is a business performance management software reseller and consultancy. They have invested heavily in lighter-footprint performance management software. Intrafocus believe that companies and organisations want easy to use web-based tools to examine and manage their performance data more effectively.