Ready to present your strategy?

The right strategy makes the difference between long-term and sustainable success, or slow decline and failure. Take our 10-question quiz to check your strategic readiness.

The need for an expert strategy applies whether you are a commercial business or non-profit, and regardless of your size or operating industry.

Through our recent article series, we have guided our readers through the definition of strategy and the process needed to set it. We have suggested tools and software packages which organisations can use to assist with this often-challenging process. These include the globally-recognised Balanced Scorecard methodology and the QuickScore software package for easy dashboard creation and reporting.

We have discussed KPIs at length and given our readers insights and practical guidance into getting these essential measures right. Something that we have worked with a large number of businesses on a consultancy basis to offer support with. We have discussed common errors and shared expert insights for success.

Now, we have created the final step; a ‘short and sharp’ quiz that tells you whether you really are ready to present your strategy to your senior audience.

You think you must be there…

– Yes, you’ve thought about your competitors and assessed the market.
– Of course, you have spent time crafting each strategic element and discussed your mission and values.
– Naturally, you have defined goals and objectives and thought about the projects you will focus on first.
– You have even pinned down measures of success and agreed how progress will be assessed and communicated.

Are you ready to know for sure?

But after all of this investment of time and effort, how do you know that your strategy is ready to be shared with your senior stakeholders, shareholders and board? Is there anything that you have missed? With a topic so broad and with so many organisations still approaching their strategic development in a haphazard or incomplete way, there is still much scope for error.

Don’t take the risk!

Our quick and easy quiz will take you through the 10 elements of successful strategy sign-off. Don’t risk presenting your strategy to a demanding and expert audience of influencers, employees, shareholders and board members until you are 100% sure that it is right. Remember, a mistake makes it far harder to go back to the drawing board and achieve a confident buy-in from your stakeholder groups on a second occasion! You need to know that your strategy is completely right before you steer your organisation and its people down a long-term path and commit every resource to its new direction.

The confidence that you need

This quick and insightful survey will take you through 10 vital questions. Created by the Intrafocus strategy experts, it will tell you whether or not you are ready to present your strategy in just a few short minutes. We will email you the results or you can see your summary immediately.

Don’t leave this vital check to chance – take the quiz now to find out whether you are ready to present your strategy.