Intrafocus delivers Spider Impact® Version 5 by Spider Strategies®

WINCHESTER, United Kingdom, November 2nd 2021 – Intrafocus is delighted to announce that as a trusted Spider Strategies reseller they will be delivering Spider Impact Version 5 into Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Intrafocus and Spider Strategies have worked together for more than ten years and collaborated on customer projects using Spider Impact in the EMEA region.

Intrafocus, as a strategic planning consultancy, has used Spider Impact to underpin its strategic planning workshops, balanced scorecard workshops, strategic audits and strategic consultancy and facilitation exercises. Hundreds of organisations in the EMEA region have benefited from the combination of Intrafocus strategic planning expertise and Spider Strategies’ Spider Impact strategy management platform.

“Providing strategic consultancy, be it through workshops, audits or one-on-one consultancy exercises, has been massively strengthened through the use of the Spider Impact strategy management platform,” said Clive Keyte, Managing Director, Intrafocus. “Our friends at Spider Strategies have outdone themselves with the Version 5 release which has focused on an enhanced presentation layer and some very clever business intelligence functionality.”

Spider Impact Version 5:

  • Strategy and KPI Management – Strategic alignment can be achieved through universal access to data structures, dashboards and reports for all employees who can, in turn, see how their work contributes to an overall strategy.
  • Initiative and Task Management – Strategy is driven by initiatives, tasks, and projects. These can be managed within the application and connected to key performance indicators to ensure everything is visible and kept on track.
  • Data-Driven Visualisation – Key performance indicators, dashboards, charts, and reports can be created easily and displayed as online briefings or exported to multiple formats for later distribution.
  • Business Intelligence – The new Dataset module in Version 5 allows users to import massive (or small) datasets and slice and dice to provide detailed data analysis and strategic visualisations.
  • Permissions and Security – Spider Impact has an industry-leading data governance and security layer which means custom access to performance data can be tailored to suit any organisation’s needs.

“For more than a decade, Intrafocus has been facilitating exceptional customer experiences by combining its strategic management expertise with our software solutions.  We’re excited to collaborate with Intrafocus in bringing the benefits of our most exciting software release yet – Spider Impact Version 5 – to the Intrafocus customer community,” said Conor Crimmins, Founder and COO, Spider Strategies.

About Intrafocus

Intrafocus is a business-performance management consultancy and software reseller based in Winchester, United Kingdom serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Intrafocus provides strategy workshops, strategic consultancy, and software to help organisations build, implement, and manage their strategy.

About Spider Strategies

Spider Strategies’ focus is simple: create software that makes work easier. Spider Strategies helps its customers achieve their best strategic performance through intuitive, powerful, methodology-agnostic, performance management software. Spider Strategies is a privately held U.S. corporation incorporated in Minnesota and supported by a network of partners and resellers across the world.  For more information on Spider Strategies, please visit: