Jordan Oil Terminals Company (JOTC)

JOTC was established in 2015 to secure Jordan’s oil supply and promote competition in the petroleum market. JOTC offers its services to customers openly and fairly, without discrimination. JOTC is a private company owned by the Jordanian government, offering comprehensive oil storage and logistics services throughout the country. To maintain impartiality, JOTC does not participate in buying, selling, or trading petroleum products locally. In a short time, JOTC has become a well-known and trusted storage provider in the oil and gas industry. Major Oil Marketing Companies and Liquified Petroleum Gas Distribution in Jordan favour them. These companies see JOTC facilities as a crucial part of their operations.

The Challenge

At a time of significant change during the transition to the company we know today, JOTC required a system that could automate its strategic planning processes. Until 2019, all their planning was undertaken on spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. The aim was to align the whole company to a common set of processes and a standard set of monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

The Solution

JOTC took on the task of reviewing several strategic approaches and tools to underpin a standard process. This concluded in engagement with Intrafocus and a local agent, ProServ, who provided the tools, skills, and expertise to introduce Spider Impact, which, in the first instance, facilitates strategic planning on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. The KPI management software made calculating scores for each part of the organisation easy. Kholoud Mahasneh, General Manager of JOTC said:

“After an initial three-month trial, the software was rolled out quickly and efficiently to every department in the organisation. As well as using the KPI management function, we include all our initiatives to track them against our objectives and strategic goals. Using Spider Impact has streamlined and automated our strategic processes perfectly. The guidance from Intrafocus and the team has been enormously useful.”

The software package includes a sophisticated scorecard KPI tracking system, the ability to aggregate data in the form of dashboards, reports, and charts and to create tasks and initiatives where and when required. JOTC uses all of this functionality in local departments and as a means to provide an integrated picture to upper management.

The Benefits

Aligning the organisation around a standard strategic process underpinned with an easy-to-use and highly functional tool has been the most significant benefit to JOTC. Where before, plans and measures were recorded locally or in silos, the standard process allows reporting to flow from ground level to the top of the organisation. This has resulted in everyone understanding what they own in terms of objectives, KPIs, and initiatives. The users also appreciate the requirement to record information monthly, quarterly, and annually because they are now a significant part of the process. And finally, the software and services provided have given JOTC a better understanding and the ability to plan the company’s strategic direction.