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Scorecard training workshops

Your strategy is just about complete. You have started to build your scorecards or maybe you have completed a set of scorecards, dashboards and reports. Unfortunately, the first rush of excitement has gone. The system has not quite given your users what they expected. It is time to call in the experts. We can help you refresh your scorecards and make your system fly. 

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Topics Covered:

  • Users – Focus on the end users and what they want
  • Scorecard Construction  – Why it is important to get it right
  • Dashboards – Bringing together information in useful ways
  • Initiatives – How to link actions to objectives and metrics
  • Data Reports – Building row and column data reports
  • Briefings – Pulling everything together in a final report
  • Administration – advanced functions and admin (day two)


Training Fees

A flat fee daily rate for a qualified instructor (plus travel and expenses). Typically, the training is aimed at a scorecard administrator but we highly recommend business users attend some of the sessions to provide an end-user requirement perspective.


Training Benefits

The training participants will leave with a thorough understanding of how the application can help the business. They will:

  • Understand how to build a meaningful scorecard
  • Learn how to organise their scorecard data effectively
  • Have a clearer view of Key Performance Indicators
  • Understand the importance of prioritisation
  • Build some live scorecards, dashboards and reports
  • Practice some of the more advanced application features
  • Pull together useful end user reports


Who Should Attend

This training course is aimed primarily at scorecard administrators who have been tasked with the development of a strategy or KPI management system. It is also useful for business users who are actively using the system.


Interactive Training

The purpose of the training is to build real scorecards, dashboards and reports. The scorecard administrator should come prepared with data that can be used in the system. This could be the existing scorecards that need to be revised, a system that needs to be audited or a set of spreadsheets that need to be translated and input.

The training agenda will be set prior to the visit and can be as flexible or formal as required to get the job done.


What do others say?

“We all had our own ideas but the workshop, through a set of exercises and lively discussions, enabled us to narrow these down to the priorities that would add the most value to our business.” Bruce Bultitude, Managing Director, PowerJacks

“The balance between learning and practical exercises to help move our strategy forward was perfect. If you need someone to kick-start your strategic activities, Intrafocus is the company to go to.” Milos Jelic, CEO, Nelt


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course open to the public?
No. Although we do occasionally run public courses, this one is designed for companies or organisations that have already purchased QuickScore or Scoreboard and want to get the most out of the product.
Is this KPI planning training?

KPI planning is discussed extensively during the training. Spider Impact is a highly sophisticated KPI management tool and can help in a KPI planning and management process.

Can the training be customised?
Yes. This is highly interactive training. The general format will be determined prior to the sessions but will be flexible enough to allow administrators/users to ask questions and go down the paths that are important to their business.
Who is the instructor?
Instructors will be allocated depending on the needs of the organisation requesting the training. All of our instructors are highly experienced and qualified to run the training workshops. If you have a specific trainer in mind, we will always make every attempt to accommodate your request.
Where can the training be delivered?
We are based in Winchester, England and our instructors are happy to travel to locations in United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. If you are located outside these regions, please call and we can put you in touch with trainers from across the world.
What sort of workshop is this?
The training workshop is a highly interactive event. The attendees will be required to work on the application after instructions have been given. All of the work is done in the application and aided with whiteboard explanations.
How many people can attend?
The training is aimed primarily at the scorecard administrator; the person who builds and maintains scorecards, dashboards, reports and briefings. However, it is highly desirable to have one to three business users attend some or all of the sessions to provide an end user perspective.



How can I book the training?
You can start the process by filling in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page. We will respond within 24 hours. Please use your company e-mail address, as an existing user of QuickScore or Scoreboard, we have it already anyway. It will help us identify your system quickly.

The Course

A one or two-day in-house Scorecard training workshop

Price:  Please enquire

One or two days?

Dependent upon your needs, this training course can take one or two days. For new starters, we suggest one day, for those who want to go into advanced functionality and advanced administration we suggest two days.


Is this training for you?

If the answer to any of the following questions is NO, then you really should ask for some training:

  • Are your users bought into the application, are they using it?
  • Do you have to keep reminding users to update the system?
  • Are you spending too long every month updating the system yourself?
  • Are you using automated updates?
  • Have you built dashboards, reports, initiatives and briefings?
  • Are you getting the most out of the application?