Cuchullain - Intrafocus Customer

Press Release: Intrafocus receives praise from Cuchullain Credit Union

“Scoreboard, where were you before 2012 when at last I found you? You have made part of my credit union management life so much more enjoyable. The preparation & circulation of monthly management reports, now completed in a fraction of the time; the presentation quality of the reports & the charts; the functionality of the software; the sharing of information; and all so simple & so user friendly…it is unbelievable. And then there’s Intrafocus, helpful and supportive throughout”

said Seamas Watters, Manager at Cuchullain about their Scoreboard installation and working with Intrafocus.

The Cuchullain Credit Union, regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and part of the Irish League of Credit Union has been a customer of Intrafocus for more than two years. They have worked together to create its scorecard and dashboard/reporting system.  Cuchullain provides saving, loan and insurance services to its members together with advice and guidance.

A Credit Union, unlike a Bank is democratic and mutual. They are run for the members and by the members. They are organisations of people not money.  Cuchullain Credit Union lends money to members for “provident or productive purposes”, so that the loan will be of benefit to them. Today the credit union is providing loans when other financial institutions are refusing them.

As with all financial services, reporting is a vital element and a regulatory requirement.  Just over two year ago, Cuchullain took out a trial of Scoreboard from Intrafocus and quickly integrated the hosted software service into its operational business process.  the service has been running successfully for two years.

Intrafocus was delighted to receive these comments from Mr. Watters.  Clive Keyte, Director at Intrafocus said:

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Seamus on this project. We are delighted that Cuchullain like the software but of course even more delighted that they have found Intrafocus helpful and supportive”

Scoreboard and QuickScore are business performance management tools sold by Intrafocus in the Europe, The Middle East and Africa.  Hundreds of customers across the world use Scoreboard and QuickScore, for more information about our customers please visit our Customer pages.