Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Process (SPP)


When it comes to writing a business strategy, it’s not just the words that count. It’s the intent behind the words and how they will help inform your strategic implementation. Companies and organisations are good at writing strategies; very few are good at implementing them.

That’s where a strategic process comes in. Essentially, it works as a checklist. It makes sure everything you need to include, is included, and managed effectively.

Our strategic methodology follows a seven-step process. This online workshop takes you though each step. What you are reading now is underpinned by our Seven Step Strategy eBook and two workbooks. 

To get the most out of this workshop download the Strategic Planning Workbook, the Strategic Plan Summary one-page presentation and the Strategic Plan Template from the Intrafocus website.


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Strategic Planning Professional

Become Certified in the Strategic Planning Process (SPP) by attending one of our strategy workshops. Work with your team at your location and with your strategy. Our facilitator will take you through the full Strategic Planning Process.