Scoreboard Pricing

Example Prices: (these are examples only, we can provide any package size you need)

Scoreboard Pricing to suit your situation:

1. Cloud Hosted

Pricing couldn’t be simpler, you pay a monthly fee. based on the number of users you need.

For example:

1 User at £99/user/month (total £99/month) or

3 Users at £80/user/month (total £240/month) or

5 Users at £70/user/month (total £350/month) or

10 Users at £60/user/month (total £600/month) or

15 Users £50/user/month (total £750/month) or

25 Users £40/user/month (total £1,000/month) or

50 Users at £30/user/month (total £1,500/month) or

100 Users at £20/user/month (total £2,000/month)

As you can see, the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes for each user.

The software is hosted on secure servers and the price includes server maintenance, data backups and software upgrades. And of course, you are free to cancel at any time.

There are huge advantages to using software as a service. You can start in with no risk and no IT involvement. With our hosted pricing there is no hardware to buy, software to be approved, or long term contract to sign. We can have you up and running today. The service is highly secure, highly resilient and highly scalable.

2. On-Site Hosted

Hosted as a managed service in your data centre. You will get all of the advantages of a cloud based solution, but you can run the application and data on your intranet. You can also interface the software directly to your back-end management systems. We discount the price shown above as you have to provide and maintain your own hardware.

3. Software Purchase

A more traditional route where you purchase the software and manage it yourself. Again, you will need to provide your own hardware. This option is priced like most performance management software: a one-time license fee up front and a 20% yearly maintenance fee for upgrades.

Contact us through our HELPDESK if you need any more information, we will get back to you within 24 hours!