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Earned Value Management – New Function

In QuickScore Version 2.10 the ability to add Strategic Initiatives to a scorecard has been introduced. This has been achieved through the use of an Earned Value Management set of metrics defined within the Strategic Initiatives section. This is a significant new...

2015 Balanced Scorecard Survey is Open!

Every year Intrafocus undertakes a Balanced Scorecard survey, this year we are once again delighted to be running the survey in collaboration with 2GC the Strategic Performance Consultancy. The international Balanced Scorecard survey has tracked the progress of the...

Are you still using spreadsheets?

Let’s face it, where would we be without spreadsheets? If you had to pick just one business tool, what would it be? The spreadsheet is flexible and it is easy to use for beginners and wonderfully high in functionality for experts. It can...

Customer Satisfaction – Monitor Don’t Survey

Customer satisfaction is a key differentiator and is frequently seen as a major driver for any business strategy. There is little doubt that executive management already understand there is a need to keep customers satisfied. It is well understood that it is at least...

Strategic Graffiti

In his book ‘The Execution Shortcut’ Jeroen De Flander introduces the notion of Strategic Graffiti. This is when a strategic message is passed from one level to another (or even sideways) and the message is either embellished or condensed or...

Intrafocus Announces Strategy Today

Press Release: Intrafocus has announced that Strategy Today has gone live. It is the hub for all things related to strategic thinking, news and information. Strategy Today is a community website built for anyone who is involved in building...

Practical Performance Measurement – Book Review

Practical Performance Measurement - Book Review. If you had to sum up Stacey Barr’s new book in a single word, and indeed her whole approach to performance measurement, you would say ‘practical’. Stacey Barr is one of the planets foremost...

Strategic Gap Analysis

A strategy is a living thing, it needs to be constantly monitored and measured to ensure everything is on track. Periodically it should be revised, typically this would be once a year to fit in with a budget or pre-determined planning cycle. One of the major tasks is...

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