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Cascading Your Strategy

You could almost (but not quite) say it was easy to create a company strategy. The executive management team are running the business, they have been picked to drive the business forward and therefore it follows they should be able to create a compelling strategy that...

What is the Intended Result?

Have you ever noticed at the mere mention of a strategy planning session packs of large yellow stickies suddenly appear in great abundance? There is no doubt that strategy panning is keeping Post-It Notes in business. I’m not suggesting for a moment that this is a bad...

The Integrated Strategy Map

A strategy map provides the visual foundation of a business strategy. It provides the means by which a business can communicate its strategic plan to customers, employees and stakeholders. As such, it is probably one of the most powerful documents a business can...

Selecting Balanced Scorecard Software

It was noted in last week's Insight that 29% of Balanced Scorecards are managed using basic documents.  These documents include free-form text, presentations and spreadsheets.  It is the latter, spreadsheets, that are the most prolific....

29% Scorecards Managed Using Basic Documents

The 2014 Balanced Scorecard survey was a joint effort between 2GC Active Management and Intrafocus. Using two companies with different approaches to the market to conduct the survey has resulted in a much more ‘balanced’ result (forgive the...

Impossible Goals

“Dear Boss, our 2015 goals are impossible” – writes Liz Ryan, a regular contributor to Forbes on-line. It is a wonderful article written from the perspective of an on-the-ground employee who is once again disillusioned with the impossible...

RCREEE selects QuickScore from Intrafocus

The Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) has selected QuickScore from Intrafocus as its business performance management application. RCREEE were looking for a tool to help them plan, set targets and monitor...

Using a Composite Index

Any given objective may have one or more associated metrics to determine its success or failure. When an objective can be measured through a 1:1 relationship, that is one objective has one metric, then the measurement process is usually quite...

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