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Stop chasing people for KPI data

Are you spending too much time chasing people for KPI data? Most organisations have multiple locations. If they don't have multiple locations they almost certainly have a distributed workforce. Often staff are either on-the-road or have been...

Developing Key Performance Indicators

World renowned performance measure specialist, Stacey Barr, has given a four star rating to the Intrafocus e-book Developing Meaningful KPIs. “When we follow his advice in Developing Meaningful Key Performance Indicators, our dashboards and...

Focus to Succeed

Focus to Succeed - One of the main reasons strategic initiatives fail is a lack of focus. There is a growing problem in today's working environment.  And it is not that people are being distracted by things that are unrelated to their work, it...

Cascading Scorecards with QuickScore

Cascading Scorecards with QuickScore - The process of cascading scorecards throughout a organisation can be fraught with difficulties without the right process and tools in place.  Frequently we find that even though a scorecard is created at the corporate level as a...

Balanced Scorecard Survey – 2015 Report

Press Release: January 25th 2016 Balanced Scorecard Survey - 2015 Report.  During October and November last year we conducted our fourth Balanced Scorecard Survey. For the second time we have worked in collaboration with 2GC Active Management...

We don’t have the data for that KPI

We don't have the data for that KPI - In an ideal world when measuring the results of a business objective, there should always be a directly related Key Performance Indicator (KPI). A directly related KPI will always point to the success or...

Effective use of Dashboards

We recently received an e-mail promoting a blog entry from the Measureology Blog entitled "Dashboard Tools Commit the 6 Deadly Design Sins".  The subject matter is one close to our hearts. There are numerous 'dashboard' tools on the market,...

Internet of Things – Your 101 Guide

If you tried really hard, it would be difficult to come up with a less imaginative title for something as formidable as the 'Internet of Things'. The internet changed our world, but a much bigger change is just over the horizon. Where we are...

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