My5 – Delete/change KPI values manually

Delete/change KPI values manually

We all make mistakes!

KPI values can be added by clicking on the big plus + icon from the KPI Details Screen. If you can remember the date the KPI was added, you can select the date and make the change. 

To make things easier, there is a better way to delete or modify KPI values if you have made a mistake.

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My5 KPIs - Settings

Settings screen

Go to the Settings screen and click on Edit Dashboards and KPIs

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My5 KPIs - Dasboards

Select the dashboard

Select the dashboard that contains the KPI you are interested in. In this example we have selected the Company Overview.

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My5 KPIs - Select KPI

Select the KPI

Select the KPI you want to delete or modify, you will find it under Add/Modify KPIs.


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My5 KPIs - Manage KPIs

Manage KPIs

At the bottom of the screen, click on Manage KPI Values.


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My5 KPIs - Delete or change KPI values

Delete or Modify the KPI values

As you can see in this example, all of the KPI values, past and present, are available to be deleted or changed.

User the red delete icon to delete a value, user the amber save icon to save any changed you make.


Click on the Settings button and then the Home button to return to your dashboards.