My5 – Export data to a spreadsheet

Export all KPI values to a spreadsheet

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If necessary, you can export all of your data to a spreadsheet. Go to the Home screen and click on the Settings button at the top-right of the screen.

Click on the Export Data panel and go to the next step.


My5 - Choose detination

Choose destination

This action can be undertaken both on a desktop or via your phone. The spreadsheet will not be downloaded to the Mac, PC or device, but it will be sent to a user via e-mail.

Add an e-mail address to the e-mail address panel.

Select the format you would like to use. It can be a csv file or xls or xlsx spreadsheet.

Click on the Request Data Export button.


My5 - request complete

Request complete

The csv file or spreadsheet will be sent to the designated e-mail and you will receive the following message:

Your export has been requested successfully, and will be sent to

The recipient will receive an e-mail with the requested file.