How do I add an Objective?

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Objectives are objects that can be added to a Scorecard and usually contain Measures. An objective cannot be updated with an actual value but instead has a ‘score’ based on the performance of the Measures below it.

For example, an Objective could be ‘Improve Profit’. The success of the Objective will be determined by the combined actual values updated in the Measures sitting below this objective. These might include ‘Profit’ and “% Profit’ and ‘Number of Large Value Projects’. In this case, the measures are a currency, percentage and number. The application normalises the values and uses an algorithm to create a score between 0-10. These scores are rolled up to give a final score for the objective.

In this way, you can track the performance of business objectives. To see how to add objects like Objectives (and others) go to the Structuring a Scorecard user guide.

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