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New Features included in V5.5 – Spider Impact

  • Custom Scoring and Configurable Scoring Types
  • Initiative Imports
  • Data Integration Using Zapier
  • Many new Chart enhancements–including new Filled Geographic Maps
  • For Dataset users, we’ve added a new Forms module to collect data from external users.
  • Report-building enhancements, Administration enhancements, and more…

What’s New in V5.5 Spider Impact – 28 MB PDF Document


New Features included in V5.0 – Spider Impact

  • Charts & Reports has been split into two new sections
  • Reports – vastly enhanced functionality and widgets
  • Charts – vastly enhanced functionality and widgets
  • Dashboards – many more widgets added
  • Scorecard workflow – KPI Update approval added
  • Administration – new Log in as another person
  • Multiple usability enhancements

What’s New in V5.0 Spider Impact – 38 MB PDF document


New Features included in V4.0 – Spider Impact

  • Importing from spreadsheets and databases (within the application)
  • Automated Dashboard layout
  • Initiative impact symbols and information
  • Multiple user enhancements for Dashboards
  • Changing scorecard item weights over time
  • Speedometer trend tooltips
  • Mass edit available on saved reports
  • Updated files section
  • External web pages in Briefings
  • Discrete functions on Organisation copy
  • Enhanced Administration of Groups

What’s New in V4.0 Spider Impact – 21MB PDF document


If you would like a demonstration please get in touch with us via the helpdesk

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