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Related Items can be added to any area in the application. Related Items can be added to provide a quick link to a different object.

In the example below, you can see two different Related Items.

To add a Related Item

Click on the + Add button in the Related Item box.


Select the type of item you want to add. You can see from the list there are a large number of objects that can be related items.

In this example we add an Initiative.


Click on Initiative in the drop-down list.

The Organization Tree will appear. Select the Organization in which the initiative resides in the left-hand list and then the actual initiative in the right-hand list.

We have selected the initiative ‘Marketing Plan’.

Click Add.

The Initiative will be added to the list of Related Items.

Note: If you go to the Initiative you will see that the application has automatically created a ‘return’ related item as well.

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